Stash confession

Well, Julie speaking here, in my first post, which I thought should be a confessional one. Stash. You know you want it. And I have it. Loads of it. Bins and bins of it. I have plans for all of it. I know which bins contain which yarns (as any good hoarder will claim), well usually I know, after I “organize” things I always have a few memory problems. There is spinning stash in there too (does that count? I say it doesn’t count until it is turned into yarn).

(The ironing table is Henry the cat’s favourite spot with his food bowl on it. I’m sure he will appear in this blog soon enough, clutching some of my stash.)

And I swear there is nothing stashed in the little freezer except food. For now.

Oh, and lots and lots of books and magazines and pdfs…. I might need three life times to finish all this, but it sure makes me happy even if the sheer volume of it does trigger the odd panic attack in me (but not in my husband who I don’t think yet realizes the insanity of it all, think he’ll figure it out?).


2 thoughts on “Stash confession

  1. my freezer contains some alpaca fiber that I want to someday spin. Sometimes my husband recognizes it as a non food item, puts it on my bench, then I have to repackage it and stuff back in. Oh the shame of too much fiber ! lol

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