Double knitting

I thought I would post a few pictures of some double-knitting projects that I am working on. We won’t tackle anything this complex at the retreat but you will learn the fundamentals and then the sky is the limit!

First, I am working on Anna Dalvi’s shawl called La Toupie (hope to be finished by the retreat):

And the second project that I am working on is actually a stranded pattern but I am using the double-knit method. It is a beautiful moebius from Kate Davies and is called Funchal:

I am using fingering weight (sock yarn) for both. But at the retreat we will use thicker yarn and a simpler design. I hope everyone will love double knitting as much as I do – it is a bit slow going since you are essentially knitting everything twice but, if you are impatient, it is great for smaller projects like cowls and hats.


One thought on “Double knitting

  1. Julie — these look great — and I’m so exicted to see how this is done in person… I should dig up that cool hat pattern I found a long time ago and thought ‘this would be a good project’! 🙂

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