Exciting times

Exciting times, well for a knitter, so how exciting can that be, you wonder… Well, I finished my double-knit shawl:

I realized as I was happily knitting along that I might actually run out of yarn since I wasn’t paying close attention to how many pattern repeats I was knitting. But I had already started another repeat so I ended it all in a flurry of big and little diamonds. Then as I was blocking it I noticed this:

On one of the stitches, I managed to knit only one of the yarn’s 3 or so strands, making my knitting a tad holey and weak. A little surgery ensued and I sewed over the lame stitch with the same yarn and tucked in all the ends. (And all that “hair” you see is from the yarn – alpaca – and not my cats, really, I swear.) Let’s hope THAT holds. And let’s hope that’s the ONLY one.

Oh yeah, and then I’m pretty sure we had a little earthquake. There was rumbling, a boom and the house shook. We had one about a month ago too. No end of excitement here. But Henry might disagree:

Excitement? What excitement?

And I’ll end with a little cookie tease again from my daughter the baker, wishing you a Happy Easter!


6 thoughts on “Exciting times

    • Thanks so much! I’m going to visit my daughter soon and she is making some especially for me. It’ll be hard to actually eat them! Well almost hard…

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