Cause I don’t have enough…

My haul from Cape Cod:

The purple (90% mink, 10% cashmere) and dark brown yak were gifts from my darling daughter and came from Great Northern Yarns, black, grey and red from KnitPicks to be used for some Hungarian motif double knitting and the rest were 50% off!!!! from A Stitch in Thyme, Hempathy (for god knows what), Firefly (for Filtering Daylight), Classic Elite alpaca/silk lace (for something I had in mind… it’ll come back to me…) and  Tahki cotton (for using with yarn from my STASH – so that doesn’t even count – to make Shellseeker). And yes, I did manage to fit my clothes back into my suitcase, in case you were wondering. In my defense, it was my belated birthday. Chocolate cake with blackberry buttercream icing with a candy sweater and yarn balls, all made by my daughter (who started knitting again, by the way, so she is an even better daughter than she was before, which was already pretty darn fantastic):

Otherwise, mostly we did this:

Those kids in the water: CRAZY! The water was so cold that the instant it hit your feet it was PAIN, thumping PAIN like an instantaneous hangover in your feet. But we know that kids are crazy and don’t feel things the way the rest of us mere mortals do.

And now back to preparing for our little retreat which is almost upon us.

But I’ll leave you with this:

Really?? Isn’t that usually called sunbathing?


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