Making amends

Steve, a friend of ours asked me to make an old fashioned bear as a gift for his sister. Fifty or more years ago, when he was a very young pesky brother, he hid her yellow bear that an aunt had made for her, by placing it on top of a lamp. The poor bear ended up with a large hole which his mother patched. Later on, the bear, who was stored away for safe keeping, ended up being chewed by mice. This is how he looked after all his ordeals:

Old Bear

Now many years later, Steve is sending his sister a new bear to right the wrong from the long ago past, probably in the 1950’s.  His cousin sent him a copy of the original pattern of the Weldon Bear (the pattern is a free one on Ravelry) and I have attempted to make a brand new yellow bear. He’s a jaunty fellow with a very dashing scarf, but does he have as much character as the much loved Old Bear? Maybe as the years go by he will.

Little Bear on a Yellow Chair



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