One down…

Well I finished one of my obsessions, Regent, from Marnie Maclean. I used a bamboo/cotton blend which drapes beautifully but shows increases hideously. But I reknit the ruffle with most of the increases on either side of the ribbing and I can live  with that. I wish I had knit the sleeves a bit looser but I might just cut them around the elbow and reknit them downwards at a later date. For now I will just enjoy. (Excuse the dirty mirror, didn’t notice in my excitement and couldn’t be bothered to redo it all).

(The pin is from Francine, looks fab with this sweater).

We will be posting about our little road trip, it was fabulous – hot hot weather (good for driving in AC and then throwing oneself in a lake). But I will leave you with a few teasers:

All roads lead to…. more WIPs (works-in-progress or knitterly ADD)

I tried to focus, really I did. By publicly listing my priorities, I thought I would force myself to stick to them. I thought I had good self-awareness. Apparently not. I am instead obsessively working on Regent, in Asia – a cotton/bamboo yarn I got ages ago for about $3 a ball (stash busting, good!) and even found a lovely woman in Halifax who sold me 2 more balls because I think I might be short (gotta love Ravelry). I knit the body in 2.5 days while mostly listening to the audio book of Hilary Mantel’s Bring up the Bodies (which I also just read). Fantastic book and audio. Today I will pick up for the ruffle (I’ll do the sleeves last, thinking I might do them with short rows from the top down).

But that’s not all. Before Regent grabbed hold of my fruit-fly sized attention span, I started Raiun, in silvery grey cotton Grace from Patons (another bargoon from last year, or was it the year before). I will get back to that one shortly. Maybe on the flight to Kelowna, when we go to visit family. It’s a great pattern, top-down, nice modern sleek look. I might make one in wool too. When I clone myself.


AND, I picked up The Whiteness of the Whale, except mine is the Blueness of the Whale or maybe more appropriately the Periwinkleness of the Whale? I’m using Araucania Itata, which was another uber-sale item on Elann. It looks like whale tails running down the back of the cardigan. I just just started. It would be a fantastically light sweater for the summer, so I must actually finish it this summer, no?


In between I will feel pangs of guilt and knit a few more rows on the 2nd sleeve of my sister’s cardigan. I will get it done… soon.

Maureen, Kathryn and I will go on a little road trip tomorrow, checking out Just Knitting in Carleton Place (where Kathryn will have some of her yarn for sale) and any other yarn/fiber related shop we find on the way. I will try to remember to takes pictures and we will post about our adventures. Because lord knows, we just don’t have enough yarn.

Riverside Studio and Interweave Knit.wear Spring 2012 & Alabama Chanin

It is exciting times for Riverside Studio! A beautiful cowl pattern in the brand new Special Edition Knit.wear Spring 2012 uses my yarn. Check out the link to see the pattern designed by Andrea Babb.

Andrea’s sister Lorna, bought some of my yarn at Christmas as a present and lo and behold it turns out that Andrea is now designing knitting patterns. What great luck. You can like it, or pin it or just pass it on. Better yet, put it in your Ravelry queue and knit someone a special gift.

In other unrelated business I am working on a fun project inspired by the new Alabama Studio and Design book. This book is beautiful and if you like fashion, sewing, or just crafting, this is a very inspiring book.

I bought some cotton bamboo jersey in dark blue and off white. I was planning to use the white for the under layer, but I decided it was going to be too flashy and too much of a contrast so I dyed it a periwinkle blue. Then I cut out a stencil inspired by one of Natalie Chanin’s and away I went:Image

The used stencil


oops it sideways, but you get the idea


Of course I had extra dye from a batch I made that was too pink so I couldn’t resist using it on some cotton yarn I inherited from Julie. Of course I need a cute matching top. I post more pictures as I progress. I sure hope it fits!


More projects than you can shake a stick at

New projects just keep piling up! What’s a girl to do??

1. I must finish birthday knitting for my sister, which at this point is almost a month late. In my defense, this project has decided to become difficult and I had to figure out a way to tame it into submission before I threw it across the room to the cats. I have it figured out, but now I have to finish it. The cats are disappointed.

2. I’m going to be a grandma! (which really should be in first place on my list but I have till January to get all the baby knitting done). I have already completed a baby blanket, a variation on Sunbreak, and am working on a pseudo-matching sweater (matching only in yarn):

3. I want to knit virtually everything in these two books (this will be one well-dressed baby):

Despite having an enormous stash, I ordered machine washable yarn from KnitPicks. It’s always great when you have a legitimate reason to order more yarn. Guilt-free yarn, how is that even possible!

4. These are two shawl/shawlettes I am knitting with Kathryn’s beautiful yarn. The pattern is mostly written up but I have to finish the red shawl, block the shawls and revise the pattern. Hopefully it will be finished this month. (oh, and a sock pattern and a pair of sample socks with her yarn).

5. I am itching to get to work on a longer-term project. I have many beautiful pillowcases from Hungary embroidered by my grand-mother many many years ago with different Hungarian motifs. They were well loved in my family (read used and abused) and so are now quite fragile. I plan on reinterpreting these designs into double-knitting patterns. I even found some Hungarian embroidery books for sale at our library for 50 cents each!

And to make all this knitting even more fun (how is that possible you ask?), I’ve accumulated a stash of stitch markers from Francine, leaves, owls and citrus fruit.

Of course I have other projects on the go, but admitting one’s insanity is always best done in baby steps, I say.