Riverside Studio and Interweave Knit.wear Spring 2012 & Alabama Chanin

It is exciting times for Riverside Studio! A beautiful cowl pattern in the brand new Special Edition Knit.wear Spring 2012 uses my yarn. Check out the link to see the pattern designed by Andrea Babb.http://www.knittingdaily.com/media/p/93653.aspx

Andrea’s sister Lorna, bought some of my yarn at Christmas as a present and lo and behold it turns out that Andrea is now designing knitting patterns. What great luck. You can like it, or pin it or just pass it on. Better yet, put it in your Ravelry queue and knit someone a special gift.

In other unrelated business I am working on a fun project inspired by the new Alabama Studio and Design book. This book is beautiful and if you like fashion, sewing, or just crafting, this is a very inspiring book.


I bought some cotton bamboo jersey in dark blue and off white. I was planning to use the white for the under layer, but I decided it was going to be too flashy and too much of a contrast so I dyed it a periwinkle blue. Then I cut out a stencil inspired by one of Natalie Chanin’s and away I went:Image

The used stencil


oops it sideways, but you get the idea


Of course I had extra dye from a batch I made that was too pink so I couldn’t resist using it on some cotton yarn I inherited from Julie. Of course I need a cute matching top. I post more pictures as I progress. I sure hope it fits!



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