Fun stuff (well for me, anyway…)

I thought I might write a post about a few fun things in my mostly knitterly life.

First up: a (knitting) bag my daughter bought me when I was in Cape Cod last year (by the way, I’m going for another visit in about month, can’t wait!) The bag is woven from actual measuring tapes, and lined with the stuff they use for plastic tarps. Good size, waterproof, and I’m never without a measuring tape although it is a bit tricky to actually measure something with it.

Next up, cute retro striped superwash yarn from Knitpicks, that I got on sale, to knit more baby things for the above-mentioned daughter. I have 3 balls of each, plenty to make a couple of little retro baby sweaters.

Still on the topic of Knitpicks, I started this super fun and guilty little pleasure of a shawl from Kieran Foley, a fantastic designer of unique and interesting shawls and colourwork. I’m using Chroma in the Paperback colourway:

You drop stitches every 16 rows (instant gratification!) and it looks great with colour changing yarn which accentuates the “bubble” aspect of the design. The picture above is pre-blocking, below after blocking:

How fantastic is that??? I love it. I only just started it,  but I blocked it to get an idea of how long I want to make it. This is my guilty little pleasure because every stitch I knit on this, I am NOT knitting on projects I should be, like baby things and especially like the remaining samples from Kathryn’s yarn in time for Twist Fibre Festival 24-26 August, which I AM working on, and will get done. I swear. I will not touch bubbles until I am finished my other projects, well maybe just a row here and there but no serious commitment. I swear. I have proof that I am sort of telling the truth:

Of course the yarn colour is much richer than my pathetic camera can show. I have started the second sock (my Bellflower Boogie pattern) and am working away on the shawl, which is almost written up.  Soon I will post more about Kathryn’s preparations for the Twist festival – she’s dyeing up a storm, working over steaming pots of yarn in this horrible summer heat.

And one last fun thing, which tugs a bit at the heart-strings… We have a little “ugly” duckling visiting our beach from time to time. He’s not “ugly” but his mom (I think it’s his mom) seems to think so because every time he tries to join the rest of the bunch, she chases him away. There are seven of them, so maybe eight just put her over the edge? and there are no duck uncles or aunties or grandparents to farm him out to? He is a bit behind in development compared to the rest but he’s growing. He is always paddling around on his own, and seems happy enough, but so solitary. We are keeping an eye on him to make sure he does what ducks should do in the fall (fly away??) And give him the odd handful of pumpkin and sunflower seeds. We don’t want to tame him or anything though. And no I haven’t named him, although I do call him sweetie sometimes.

And one last shot, this is a view from our beach (because there are many views, panoramic views):

Yes, I know I’m lucky, very lucky, every time I go for a swim, I think, “wow, am I lucky”. And I share with others! namely Maureen and Kathryn, knitting and swimming, can it get better than that?


3 thoughts on “Fun stuff (well for me, anyway…)

  1. The bag looks great. And that bubbles shawl does look rather addictive, especially because you’re knitting it in a yarn that changes colour. I’m not sure I’d be able to put it down.

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