Working for the weekend…

Haha, do you have that Loverboy song stuck in your head now? It was earworming me for a couple of days after I found out that they are coming out with a new album. The 80’s: been there, done that, have the t-shirt. And I’m not going back, especially for the hideous t-shirts.

But back to OUR actual topic… Kathryn HAS been working for the weekend, for the Twist Fibre Festival weekend, 25-26 August.

Some yarn and fibre drying:

BFL roving, we both love BFL, love to spin and knit with it (don’t you just want to pet it?):

She even had her visiting mother, an acclaimed artist and teacher, working! Slave driver!

Some gorgeous wool and silk yarn:

And a box bursting with roving!

I was busy too. I put down some of my latest obsessions and got to work on samples for Kathryn. It is a new shawl pattern – the green one is knit with BFL and the red one is from Kathryn’s fingering weight merino singles. I haven’t come up with a name for it yet because I suck at coming up with names (like I suck at taking pictures) but I will by the time I make it available. (Then again, I could be brilliantly inventive and original like Vogue Knitting magazine and name it “#05 Lace shawl”.) I am also working on a slightly different version in Kathryn’s sport weight alpaca/soy yarn, but that will still be on the needles and in the experimental stage for Twist.

If you have a idea for a name, let me know!

And hope to see you at Twist!


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