Planes, trains and really cheap buses…

We have all been busy this month, Maureen is getting ready for a pottery show in Ottawa, 260 Fingers, I think November 12,13 and 14 (their website hasn’t been updated yet), Kathryn is working away for a Wakefield craft fair at Vorlage on 2, 3 and 4 November, in addition to other upcoming fairs in the run-up to Christmas (did I just say Christmas??? AAAHHH).  I, however, have been travelling. Not to super exotic places, but to Guelph (train) to visit family, and then to Cape Cod (plane and super cheap bus – $45 return from Boston to Hyannis!) to visit my daughter and in-laws and go to her baby (boy) shower.

Before I launch into knitting and baby showers and beaches, I would just like to comment on the many fashionistas I saw on my travels. Mostly guys in skinny jeans where the crotch still manages to hang low (and who I just know read this blog, ha!). I know you think you look cool. But what you actually look like is an overgrown toddler who just left a load in his pants, with his plaid underwear showing while still managing to expose the crack of his ass. Is that supposed to be sexy?? I cringe at photos of myself from the 80’s, big purple hair and eyeliner, but you, my friend, will cringe like no other when you look back on your backside. I will be laughing last, unless I give you a wedgie first.

Back to business… Cape Cod was fantastic, beautiful warm weather. We went to Nantucket where we toured the whaling museum. Pretty depressing but very interesting.

Here is the skeleton of a sperm whale:

Oil from its head (this is from one that washed ashore in 1998). The oil is called spermaceti. Go ahead have fun with it, you know you want to, maybe write a limerick:

There was a section displaying items made from whale bone, like this swift, lots and lots of swifts:

(I have no idea what that jaunty leg carving is for behind the swift). One of the best parts of going to Nantucket was this:

Yes! “Knitted” patent leather Dansko’s!!! How cool is that??? And kind of crazy… That was the quickest purchase I ever made.

And this is my current favorite mug from the whaling museum:

There was a baby shower for my daughter, the theme was classic Winnie the Pooh. Her mother-in-law and friends went all out, beautiful baked goods and even a pinata for the kids made to look like a beehive.

I brought some knitted things, again fabulously craptastic pictures. A little sweater that I made up, Small Things romper, and a sleep sack (or as my sister calls it, a fart sack) from 60 More Quick Baby Knits (all knit in Knitpicks washable/dryable yarn):

I also gave my daughter this:

She wasn’t sure what to make of it. I think it’s really cute and funny, but I guess it could be viewed as a bit creepy? Do you see something wrong with a mounted bunny head on the wall of the baby’s room? I got it at the Twist Fibre Festival but the makers have an etsy shop here, if you lean towards my sense of humour…

And lastly, my favourite roadside sign in Cape Cod:

Kinnearing the Yarn Harlot (if you don’t understand this maybe you shouldn’t be reading this blog)

Kathryn already posted about the recent Twist Fibre Festival in Saint Andre Avellin, but I (anikoknitter) have a few things to add. Yes, the Yarn Harlot (who does have a name, but you know who we are talking about) came to Kathryn’s booth! And bought yarn! And we forgot to take a picture! Because we are uber-Canadian! Or maybe just morons! (no insult intended to my partners in crime). It IS possible to get a picture with Stephanie, she is very nice, and I know someone who has a picture, with the Yarn Harlot; Natalie must have asked. Luckily, Francine kinneared her! Thanks Francine!

Here we are guffawing because she is very funny:

And here we are talking serious sh*t about yarn and colour:

It was a great festival, right up to the last 10 seconds before I backed into a huge metal skateboarding ramp. I’ve already planned where I will park next year and maybe tie pillows to the back hatch…

Truth be told, we hardly took any pictures. I don’t know why. I believe we all had cameras. I would be a very bad photo-journalist. We met very nice people, you’ll just have to believe me on that because we don’t have any pictures. I do have pictures of yarn; they don’t move on you, they are now in my house (probably reproducing with the rest of my yarn as I write this, so that I will have even less room in the guest-room-that-has-become-a-yarn-room).

I too bought recycled silk from Farmable Fibres

And shetland lace and beautiful shetland/BFL roving (I think?) from Hopeful Shetlands

and ceramic buttons, which I forgot to photograph, even though they are in my house and probably reproducing with the rest of my buttons so that they can have a room of their own. Also, people seemed to really like my noro lace top, so I will write up the pattern but with Kathryn’s lace singles, which is a super bonus for Kathryn because she gets a lace top out of it.

In the meantime, I’m busy with other things, things that have moved into our house (besides yarn and buttons):

She is a declawed cat, who showed up at our house, starving, guess she couldn’t catch anything without any claws. Hopefully she will make a full recovery, she actually has a distended stomach. We are calling her Eddie. Since she will ignore whatever name we give her anyway, why not Eddie.

And this little guy, sort of yarn related since he is an Australian shepherd/Border Collie mix, Frankie, 9 weeks old:

Could he possibly be any cuter??

With that, Frankie bids you goodnight…