Kinnearing the Yarn Harlot (if you don’t understand this maybe you shouldn’t be reading this blog)

Kathryn already posted about the recent Twist Fibre Festival in Saint Andre Avellin, but I (anikoknitter) have a few things to add. Yes, the Yarn Harlot (who does have a name, but you know who we are talking about) came to Kathryn’s booth! And bought yarn! And we forgot to take a picture! Because we are uber-Canadian! Or maybe just morons! (no insult intended to my partners in crime). It IS possible to get a picture with Stephanie, she is very nice, and I know someone who has a picture, with the Yarn Harlot; Natalie must have asked. Luckily, Francine kinneared her! Thanks Francine!

Here we are guffawing because she is very funny:

And here we are talking serious sh*t about yarn and colour:

It was a great festival, right up to the last 10 seconds before I backed into a huge metal skateboarding ramp. I’ve already planned where I will park next year and maybe tie pillows to the back hatch…

Truth be told, we hardly took any pictures. I don’t know why. I believe we all had cameras. I would be a very bad photo-journalist. We met very nice people, you’ll just have to believe me on that because we don’t have any pictures. I do have pictures of yarn; they don’t move on you, they are now in my house (probably reproducing with the rest of my yarn as I write this, so that I will have even less room in the guest-room-that-has-become-a-yarn-room).

I too bought recycled silk from Farmable Fibres

And shetland lace and beautiful shetland/BFL roving (I think?) from Hopeful Shetlands

and ceramic buttons, which I forgot to photograph, even though they are in my house and probably reproducing with the rest of my buttons so that they can have a room of their own. Also, people seemed to really like my noro lace top, so I will write up the pattern but with Kathryn’s lace singles, which is a super bonus for Kathryn because she gets a lace top out of it.

In the meantime, I’m busy with other things, things that have moved into our house (besides yarn and buttons):

She is a declawed cat, who showed up at our house, starving, guess she couldn’t catch anything without any claws. Hopefully she will make a full recovery, she actually has a distended stomach. We are calling her Eddie. Since she will ignore whatever name we give her anyway, why not Eddie.

And this little guy, sort of yarn related since he is an Australian shepherd/Border Collie mix, Frankie, 9 weeks old:

Could he possibly be any cuter??

With that, Frankie bids you goodnight…

5 thoughts on “Kinnearing the Yarn Harlot (if you don’t understand this maybe you shouldn’t be reading this blog)

  1. awww your babies are cute! It was my pleasure to take the photos, I was beyond excited to see Stephanie take such a long look at the booth. I can’t wait for you to write up that pattern! I want it ! Trade you some stitch markers for it 😉

  2. I stumbled upon your blog tonight, and I’m so glad I did! As I read this post, I’m literally laughing out loud (my husband was giving me looks like “wth are you doing??”) Then, a few minutes later, I’m all like “Awwwwwooh!” at the kitty and then I belly laughed at the cutie pooch face. My hubby thinks I’ve lost my mind, but that’s nothing new. Thanks for a great post and for making me react out loud. 🙂

  3. Amazing! And wonderful! Go crazy knitters! Julie, your lace top is gorgeous and I imagine that it will be just gorgeous in Kat’s yarn. You guys are very inspiring.

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