It’s not “tight”, it’s “fitted”

That was from a conversation this morning. That was me being defensive during a conversation this morning. I finally finished Folded, with my favourite colourway from Kathryn’s yarns. It is knit in the round, from the bottom up. Not my favourite type of knitting. Why? you ask. Because, you can’t really try it on as you go (as opposed to top-down knitting in the round) and it is hard to block, severely, if needed. Can you see where I am going? Before you ask, did you swatch? Yes, I did. And I traditionally knit loosely, but apparently I have rebelled, and thrown tradition out the window, with the bath-water. Gauge was 23 stitches to 4″ in the pattern, I was sort of doing that. The sizes in the pattern jumped by 4″, I didn’t want the 34 nor did I want the 38. So I recalculated to make a 36. But seeing as I have become a tight knitter somehow and unable to take proper measurements, I ended up  with 34 or smaller (I’m being vague because obviously I can’t take proper measurements). And damned if I  was going to take this apart and redo the sleeves and the yoke (I should have been worried when people who saw my knitting thought it was for a child). So either I lose 10 lbs (haha) or I try to salvage the bastard. I soaked it and “blocked” it, as much as you can block something knit in the round. It was marginally better, but then when I tried it on, hubby said, “is it supposed to be tight?” ” NO, it’s NOT tight, it’s FITTED”, I retorted, oh so cleverly. ARGH.

But remember, boys and girls, steam, steam is your friend. You can steam vegetables, or sticky buns, or your buns in a steam-room, or your sinus-infected nose, or your naughty, evil, lying sweater. So I steamed it. Each bit that I steamed, I yanked, steamed the arms over one of those little ironing boards for sleeves (whatever those are called), and yanked them. And it worked! It drapes really nicely and even if I have to do this every time I wash the evil lying sweater, I will, just because it makes me feel good.

I also added some ribbing at the top (in the pattern you just bind off and the edge curls back on itself). Because, although I might be a relatively cool-ish 50 year old (well maybe in my own mind) I don’t want my bra strap showing. It would be like channeling 1/100 of Madonna, which is already too much for me.

And as an aside, speaking of showing nether garments… I had the pleasure of viewing yet another  crack-of-ass-skinny-jeaned fashionista at my doctor’s office. His shirt just reached the edge of his hipply low pants and boxers, so obviously he doesn’t want his crack to be too obvious. But, then he had to bend down to get his health card out of his backpack which was on the floor, and did one of those bend at the knees sideways thingies that girls in pencil skirts learned to do at finishing schools in 1956. So what’s the point? You want it coming out of your pants but you don’t want it peaking out from under your shirt. It just seems like too much work to me.

In other news, I also finished this belated Cape Cod sweater.

Never made it to Cape Cod but god, it should have! It is my favourite, love the fit, and fun to knit. It is Shellseeker from Heidi Kirrmaier. I have already worn it half a dozen times.  Highly recommend the pattern, or any of her patterns.

To end, this morning we went on a nice hike with Frankie:

Beautiful view (except for the highway construction in the distance).

And Frankie found an apple core to munch on, which is better than the dead mouse he found yesterday.


7 thoughts on “It’s not “tight”, it’s “fitted”

    • His father is an Australian Shepherd, his mother a border collie mix. Guess he gets the merle from dadsy. He is a joy to have around, super smart.

  1. Would you know anything about the next Twisted Fibers, Knitting, Yarn Festival on Cape Cod will be. I have a bunch of “Diva” friends who love to get together and are VERY into knitting,etc. —as well as spas but I know where those are. I live in Falmouth, MA and they’d like to plan a visit around a festival. Thank you so much for your information and help. Best. Anne

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