Frankie 3, handknits :(

Exhibit A:

Exhibits B, C and D:

Frankie is the apple of my eye, but the bane of my knitting. The orange scarf was on my neck when that hole happened. What can I say. He’s REALLY happy when I get home from work. My fault that I bent down to greet him. Pink is a mitten I knit with yarn I had spun, I had dyed the roving, with kool-aid in my pre-acid dye days (does that make me sound like some psychedelic junkie?) and it was my own pattern – a holey trinity of disaster! I have no idea how he got a hold of that one. Beige is a sock I knit for hubby (well, I actually knit a pair but only one was tasted). Luckily, I don’t make afghans or  hexapuffs (see ravelry) with my leftovers. I stick them in a “leftover box” for darning (I have 3 socks that need darning, they are waiting patiently…) so I can fix these. Well, maybe not the scarf. Maybe I can crochet a flower and hide the hole? I don’t know. I think the mittens were even knit top-down, which makes it that much easier. But it is still painful. Note to self, develop better strategies for hiding knitting!

Some knits I will hopefully keep from his sharp little teeth:

I just finished Sheep Heid, from the wonderful Kate Davies. I love all her patterns. She will have a book out soon, which I will certainly buy. My stranded knitting could use a bit of work. I knit too loosely. So it turned out a tad large. I felted it a bit, and then sewed two rows of thin elastic onto the brim. Now it is almost perfect. And super warm. I love natural shetland wool. It is incredibly “sticky”, so great for colourwork. I will be going to a knitting retreat in the Gananoque in a few weeks and I think there will be a whole sheep heid flock there.

There are rams on the top!

I also finished another wonderful pattern from Heidi Kirrmaier, Rocky Road:

I had just enough yarn – I had 10 gm leftover. There was no getting more of this yarn, I bought it super cheap from Elann, a full bag sale of Zealana Eco DK  (which is called DK, is listed as knitting anywhere between DK and sport but which I knit as worsted. Go figure.) Anyway, the yarn seems to be sold out. I suspected that I was cutting it pretty close so I knit the pocket linings with grey sock yarn held double. And I got wonderful and cheap grey vintage mother-of-pearl buttons at vendors’ night at the Ottawa knitting guild. I must say that I love grellow. When we met the Yarn Harlot, she said she didn’t do grellow. But I do. I actually love just about any colour with grey but especially yellow. I even have grey pants and yellow shoes (El naturalistas which I bought only because they were ridiculously cheap but weirdly go with a lot of  things). So I could do head-to-toe grellow!

Well off to see what else I can finish before the retreat and hide from Frankie…


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