I guess my adage should be: ” the best laid plans are best laid aside”. I believe I have blogged about projects I was planning to work on, ha, hahaha. I am working on many projects, just not those.  This is what I SHOULD be working on, and I am, among other things. This is a sweater for my son, a fully grown male, emphasis on the FULLY. Lots of grey stockinette… I am using Berroco’s Vintage (wool/acrylic) because it is machine washable. It is actually very nice, soft, good drape, hopefully it won’t pill like a bastard.

But, of course, my heart is divided (into about 5 other pieces). I am also working on a knit-along. You get parts of the pattern and knit them along with a bunch of other crazed knitters (we do not meet, it is all virtual, on Ravelry). Woodburne Cardigan, it is a lovely design. I am using Araucania Toconao which I got super cheap from Little Knits, in a retina burning orange (much richer looking than the picture suggests). Love it.

Also, I am working on some handspun yarn. My hubby gave me the roving for Xmas a few years ago. I have finally decided what to knit. It is top down, will have a bit of retro feel to it and little pockets. It is not really this yellow, more of a yellow/orange colour.

Interweave Knits and Knitscene both have lots of great patterns this season, so had to start a sweater from each (oh, and Twist Collective, sooo many great patterns, planning on at least 3 from there, aaahhhh).  I am using some Malabrigo Silky-Merino I bought years ago on sale, hence the minty green colour, for Arrow Pullover. I’m on the fence about the colour. If I don’t like it in the end, I will simply overdye it, but I will give it a chance. Sales always make me willing to try things I wouldn’t normally, and I often end up liking it, to my surprise (like those yellow shoes I bought once), but the jury is still out on this colour. Frankie would love to get his paws on it…

I am using Ultra Alpaca for this Knitscene one, I might make some changes to the sweater, it is top-down so easy to wing a few things. Another fab sale on the yarn, this time from Elann. In a green I love…

The first weekend of November, I went to an annual knitting retreat in the Gananoque. Of course I don’t have any pics, because I am a total spazoid, but Natalie and Francine took some pictures. Francine taught knitting with wire and we all made bracelets, great fun. Lucy Neatby had lots of useful techniques as did Sue Atkinson. All the classes were fantastic. There was much eating, drinking and guffawing (and a waiter who apparently smelled really good – middle-aged knitters can dream, can’t they?). I won yarn! Because you can never have too much yarn! We hold a raffle with several different prizes to raise money for a scholarship for a person to come to the retreat who couldn’t otherwise afford to. I won 9 skeins of Brown sheep Serendipity Tweed and 10 skeins of Icelandic laceweight, which I shared with Natalie because she had set her sights on that too and I felt guilty for winning twice.

I also bought some of Natalie’s handspun (even though I spin – she can chain ply, which I suck at). I will knit some kind of funky shawl with the long colour changes. The colour is a beautiful grey/purple.

And I bought a Shelridge Farm kit, Molly, from Deb of Sheeps Ahoy, who also organizes the retreat (and she carries Shetland yarns, some of which I may have also bought…) The yarn is unbelievably fantastic, great colour (oh, green again, oops) and soft with great stitch definition. There were a few other purchases as well, but I think I have confessed enough for now.

This is the state of my stash. There won’t be room for the fat cat soon (can you actually find him in all that??). He’ll have to lose weight if he wants to go into the back room, which is essentially a yarn shed, with just a few books… I don’t want to buy more bins, because I want to get through the bags so that there are only bins left. So far my strategy is laughable, I know.

In my last post, I was lamenting the damage done to my handknits by Frankie. Well, the very next day, as I was taking off my coat, he jumped on me from behind and this is what happened to my Water and Stone cardigan:

I had to reknit 7 inches. He is learning not to jump and I am learning to take my coat off and dress in rags in the bathroom before greeting him.

Finally a few pics of our crazy critters. Bessie (who was named Eddie, but was re-baptized Bessie and ignores either name) is obsessed with drinking water from the tub or bathroom sink. I suspect that might have been the only source wherever she lived before?

And lastly, here is Frankie, looking for Henry (the enormous lump under the chair cover), playing hide-and-seek?