Heartattack and whine

No, I am not misquoting the Tom Waits song. Heartattack would be me, and whine, the neighbour’s dog. It was the afternoon of Christmas Eve. My son was over, we were getting dinner ready, Frankie was out in the yard with the neighbour’s dog playing and I look out the window and see this:


in the neighbour’s dog’s mouth with Frankie trying to grab it away from him. My Sheep Heid hat! I don’t have a picture of the actual deed because I was having a heart attack and you never saw anyone run so fast, in clogs in deep snow. When I got to the dog I realized I should have grabbed a treat, not to reward the little f&*%er but to make an exchange. Too late. I grabbed him by the jaw, kept repeating “let go” as sternly and intimidatingly as possible as I was prying his jaw open and was even thinking, if I have to bite him on the snout I will. And he let go. It was a relief not to have to carry out a dog massacre on Christmas Eve.

In happier news, the sweater I knit for my son actually fit him! Will miracles never cease!


And I knit my hubby this hat. Not modeled by him, but you get the idea.


I lined it a day later since he found it a bit itchy. I have a high threshold for itch, and more hair 😉   It was my own design. I used some fair isle patterns from an Alice Starmore book and the leftover yarn from my Scatness Tam. I still have tons of yarn left for more hats. This knit up so quickly, I’m already thinking… presents for next Christmas….

Hope you all have a stress-free New Year’s celebration. Won’t be having any dogs over to my house for playtime…

2012_12240007Frankie’s just sick about the whole thing.


And Merry Christmas to everybody else

Just a quick post before Christmas… today is a baking day, enough so my son can take some home with him. But enough of that, here’s some knitting!

Colours of Shetland arrived on the 14th!!


And I had this knit up by the 16th!! (I used Jamieson & Smith for the hat, which, with much forethought, I ordered in anticipation of the book.)



And I started the matching tunic:


I am using KnitPicks Palette for the tunic, I would love to use Jamieson & Smith, but should use my stash rather than spend more $$.

This is a fantastic book, I will probably knit every single pattern in it. However, over the holidays I will design and knit a toque for hubby from the remaining yarn from my hat, maybe with a stranded pattern a tad more masculine than flowers?

I also finished my Christmas knitting, a sweater for my son, FINALLY. I love him, really I do, but knitting for men is just not one of my favourite things. So, this has been on the needles for over a year. Anyway, it’s done! And since I don’t think my son reads my knitting blog, haha, I know, I’m shocked too, what do you MEAN he doesn’t read it? I figure I can post a picture.


I’m giving it to him on Christmas eve, so will get some action shots then. I used Berroco’s Vintage (50/50 wool, acrylic). I really like this yarn, very soft and knits up really nicely. And he can wash in the washing machine.

This is the extent of the Christmas decorations at our house.


Frankie managed to run off with one of the flowers from this hanging basket of stuff while I was just trying to get it from the car to the house. So you can imagine how a tree would fare!

We had a huge dump of snow, here is Frankie and the neighbour’s dog (black dog) enjoying it.


And Bessie watching it all with incredulity and touch of disdain.


I don’t have any pictures of the Christmas cookies my daughter sent because we already ate them. Not much forethought there…

Hope you have great holidays!

Merry Christmas to me!

Well, had a teensy setback in Christmas shopping, haha, splurging on myself – well, ourselves (I will let my husband use what I bought, really I will). Maureen (one of the three crazy knitters) had an open house this weekend with lots of new pottery for sale. Who can resist?? I am slowly building up a collection of Maureen’s and David’s pottery, so I did little pre-Christmas self-shopping.

These are Maureen’s. They are small mugs, just the right size for sharing a small pot of tea or a small strong coffee:



And these are David’s. I love the cup with the indent for your thumb, fits comfortably right into your hand.





And here are my mugs, all together! (the middle one was already in the collection)


And there are more things for me! Well one, I finished my Woodburne cardigan. It turned out perfectly.


The saddle shoulder was very interesting to knit, you knit it together with the front and the back of the sweater and it is not unlike working the heel of a sock. Very clever.


I almost finished my son’s Xmas sweater, but of course I have been cheating. I am just having too much fun knitting Aranami, I am using Palette from Knitpicks. You just knit one little triangle at a time, so it is a bit addictive, it is easy to pick up and put down – unfortunately there will be a lot of ends to weave in when finished 😦


And I started a Knitpicks kit I had bought awhile ago, Corrie Vest.


I am really enjoying knitting this and want to practice two-handed stranded knitting, in anticipation of receiving a new book from Kate Davies!! Colours of Shetland (another Christmas present to myself?) So many beautiful patterns! I have Jamieson & Smith, which I bought from Deb Wilson who sells it from her Sheeps Ahoy online shop, for the Scatness Tam, but will use my stash for much of the rest of the patterns (I have oodles of Spindrift and Palette). I figure by the time I finish my vest, I will be able to tackle the patterns in the book without too many screw-ups.

Frankie has been very patient with my knitting. He is learning not to throw himself at me when I am in the middle of knitting a stitch. I guess screaming NOOOOOO at the top of my lungs really does work. He just looks at me, a little forlorn, and goes to his toys, which never say no.


I know, spoiled dog.