Heartattack and whine

No, I am not misquoting the Tom Waits song. Heartattack would be me, and whine, the neighbour’s dog. It was the afternoon of Christmas Eve. My son was over, we were getting dinner ready, Frankie was out in the yard with the neighbour’s dog playing and I look out the window and see this:


in the neighbour’s dog’s mouth with Frankie trying to grab it away from him. My Sheep Heid hat! I don’t have a picture of the actual deed because I was having a heart attack and you never saw anyone run so fast, in clogs in deep snow. When I got to the dog I realized I should have grabbed a treat, not to reward the little f&*%er but to make an exchange. Too late. I grabbed him by the jaw, kept repeating “let go” as sternly and intimidatingly as possible as I was prying his jaw open and was even thinking, if I have to bite him on the snout I will. And he let go. It was a relief not to have to carry out a dog massacre on Christmas Eve.

In happier news, the sweater I knit for my son actually fit him! Will miracles never cease!


And I knit my hubby this hat. Not modeled by him, but you get the idea.


I lined it a day later since he found it a bit itchy. I have a high threshold for itch, and more hair 😉   It was my own design. I used some fair isle patterns from an Alice Starmore book and the leftover yarn from my Scatness Tam. I still have tons of yarn left for more hats. This knit up so quickly, I’m already thinking… presents for next Christmas….

Hope you all have a stress-free New Year’s celebration. Won’t be having any dogs over to my house for playtime…

2012_12240007Frankie’s just sick about the whole thing.



2 thoughts on “Heartattack and whine

  1. Whew! Glad you saved your gorgeous hat! And your son looks exceedingly handsome in his new sweater. I love the shot (and the caption!) of Frankie. Man, he’s cute. Gets away with murder….or should I say, almost gets murdered….!!!

    Happy New Year! Mary Lou

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