In the dead of winter, a middle-aged woman’s fancy turns to thoughts of …. the spring knitting retreat!

It is snowing, it will be -20 something all week, but I’m just thinking about the first weekend in May, our little spring knitting retreat. We’ve already booked The Barn, and now is the time to start thinking about our classes. I’ll give you a hint:



4and finally


Yes! The basics of stranded knitting. I’m in love, in love with stranded knitting, and like anyone in love, you just have to share that warm fuzzy glow of knitterly love. So in our class, once you figure out how best to hold the yarns in your hand/hands (I knit double handed), we will focus on colour dominance with some exercises, and tension/floats. I am going to try to complete all my stranded projects so I will have lots of examples and I’ll knit up little samples too.

Kathryn will do her dyeing workshop and talk about colour theory, especially as it pertains to stranded knitting, what to think of when deciding on foreground and background colours.

Then on Sunday, I’ll give a class on yarn substitution. Things to consider when substituting yarn in a given pattern and you want the yarn to be similar to the original, and ideas for making substitutions that are completely different from the original (I knit a jacket at the original gauge with fingering mohair when the original called for worsted/aran weight wool). I’ll bring plenty of examples.

As it is a new year, I counted the number of projects I knit last year:

11 cardigans ; 3 pullovers ; 5 scarves/shawls ; 8 baby things ; 2 short sleeved tops ; 3 hats. Keep in mind it wasn’t all for me. Mostly, but not all. Especially the baby stuff.

Well, back to my knitting, so I will be prepared for May. I leave you with pictures of Frankie discovering the joys of eating ice:

mmm, what’s that?



well maybe just a taste…


Oh, yeah! fantastic! but could use a soupcon of cat poop…









3 thoughts on “In the dead of winter, a middle-aged woman’s fancy turns to thoughts of …. the spring knitting retreat!

  1. Hi, I just found your blog and am very interested in the colourwork photo at the top. Can you tell me what kind of yarn it is and where you can get some like it, with the halo, in Ontario? Thanks, its really lovely.

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