Yup, I’m a Grandma! Here is the little nipper:photo (7)

I don’t usually put anything in this blog more personal than my dog (who by the way is getting neutered as we speak, poor little guy) but I thought I’d make an exception in this case. It was a bit hard going for my daughter but everyone is fine and this little guy is starting to get the hang of being in this world. When I finish his pacman sweater, I will post it, he will be a retro-cool baby!

Now back to our usual broadcast – latest knitted project:


Trace by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. I used KnitPicks Palette instead of the called for Brooklyn Tweed Loft. I would love to try Loft but the $$ difference was too great. You just can’t beat the price of Palette. I really like the simplicity and modernity of this pattern. It is also a great first project for stranded knitting. It is easy to follow the pattern so you can concentrate on your knitting and floats. I did add an I-cord edge to the neckline. It looks neater and reduced the width a wee bit.


Of course I started another project… This is Ursula Cardigan from Colours of Shetland. I am using stash yarn so mine will be mostly cinnamon and brown, I might throw in another colour over one pattern repeat to mix things up. I might also change the sleeves, either knit them in the brown contrast colour or knit them like the body, patterned. I haven’t decided yet. I don’t think I will have enough of the cinnamon to make it as in the original pattern.


It is a very enjoyable knit, the pattern is easy to remember and you really feel like are progressing as you get through the rows. It will be a really neat looking retro cardi. Like grandma, like grandson?


6 thoughts on “Grand-wha?

  1. Congrats on becoming a Grandma! I’ve just discovered your blog and was delighted to see “Colours of Shetland” – Kate Davies is one of my favourite designers (have you checked out her blog?). I also love your Trace sweater. Look forward to exploring the rest of your blog! :0)

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