The Agony and the Ecstasy

No, I’m not comparing myself (middle-aged knitting obsessed public servant) to Michelangelo (brilliant sculptor, artist etc) – as if anyone would remember Irving Stone’s novel (I don’t think I actually ever got through it), I’m just resorting to a bit of hyperbole.

The Agony, found this morning:

1 2


Guess I should have knit him a hat too. Well, my Sunday knitting has been determined for me. But however aggravating this is, that is the great thing about knitting: you can FIX it. I’ll have to reknit the crown and part of the pattern, but I can fix it, and no one will be able to tell (unless they read this blog, and even then they won’t be able to tell). (Oh and if anyone is wondering why there is a garbage can in the living room as can be seen in most of my pictures – it’s just full of kindling, not garbage, we haven’t become THAT crazy yet).

But in happier news…

The Ecstasy:


I actually designed this! I am donating this hat for a fund-raising auction for our local elementary school. The pattern is a traditional Fair Isle one, but I did all the math, picked the colours and graphed out the top.

4And I am particularly happy with the I-cord edge. I knit it so that the brim would be split open, then you work an I-cord for a couple of inches, pick up the brim stitches, work the I-cord all around, and then for another couple of inches, and this way you can tie it in the back, so it is adjustable for size (and gives it a bit of jauntiness, don’t you think?):

3I used Knit Picks Palette, the background is silver, and then various blues, with a bit of purple and red thrown in. My first attempt was laughable. The patterns I chose didn’t really turn out the way I was thinking and just looked like random patterns, and I only used hues of blue. The problem with Palette is that the light blue colours are a bit garish, they are bright and leaning to aqua or lavender. There is no nice light grey-blue or denim. So I replaced that with the purple and red which I think worked really well. It needed another colour. I might knit this up in another colour scheme, maybe greens, and then sit down and  write it up. But how many times have I said that?

This picture is for Margo, who said I looked like a sour school teacher in my last photo.

7Yeah, I know the smile looks fake, even pained, but I was happy, just feeling weird about smiling at myself?

I’ll end with some action shots! Well, as much action as a 4 week old can muster!

photo (17)

The Pacman sweater fits! My daughter crocheted the hat, it’s a ghost from the game (not a poppy like my sister thought). And here are mom and babe in all their Pacman glory:

photo (18)

Now how cute is that?

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