An update!

Another post already! I just got back from Kathryn’s studio. What a fantastic space. She has room for both her painting and her dyeing. This is the dyeing space (that’s Kathryn and Maureen):2And here she is hard at work, mixing up her magically beautiful colours:8Here is a closer look at the heart of the operation:4Is that a sink or what?  And the other side is for painting:3And a closer look at her paintings, which I just love:5There are still things to be done, shelves to be built etc, but what a bright, cool (in both senses of the word) and spacious place to work. There is even a resident turkey! How cool is that! He struts his stuff almost every day it seems. He should maybe stay out of sight come October…6In other news… my mash-up worked! Check out this freakingly perfect shoulder!!12And the front and back:13 15Perfectomundo!!

In other knitting news, this is Kathryn’s Toujours, same wool/tussah silk in a different colourway, dyed by her of course:9She only just started the second ball, how’s that for yardage? or meterage, depending on your bent…

Now on to pets and babies (I’m covering all the bases again – something for everyone).

I believe I mentioned that Henry was the size of a whale? a whale on a small rug, but a whale nonetheless, and I rest my case:1Just tilt him a few degrees and you get the idea. He recently got caught outside in a torrential downpour, hilarity ensued.

Frankie, being an Australian shepherd mix, is not much of a swimmer but does enjoy the river to cool off, especially when tricked into it with a stick:2013_06240027And then runs back home:(Yeah, that’s my BEACH and the path back to the house – unfortunately a dirt road cuts across it but it is still super nice to have one’s own beach on a river).2013_06240028Lastly, I leave you with my grandson, who is just figuring out what is edible or not. Food yes, bowl, not so much (made lovingly by Maureen):photo (33)Yum!














Back in the knitting saddle

It’s been a while since our last post. Life gets in the way. But then knitting needles its way back into it!

In mid-May I managed to finished a couple of shawls. One for myself from Kathryn’s fabulous yarn, another Color Affection. This time I made it deeper and not so long –  makes it easier to wear. My alpaca one (ridiculously long) could be wrapped around my shoulders 3 or 4 times and seems to grow like a python every time I wear it. 3And Hari, for my sister, for her birthday. I made it quite wide and then twisted it into a faux-moebius so it can be worn as a shawl, a long scarf or a cowl. I used Dye-Guy Paca-Toes. Super fun pattern, watching how the little peaks form. Very clever yet simple.11Kathryn was at our local market a couple of weekends ago. She hasn’t done the market too often this spring, the weather hasn’t been the greatest or she has been busy (moving her studio!) It’s always fun to hang out at the market and knit.1fDon’t you just want to throw yourself onto that table? We did have people petting the yarn (and a few who even bought some!) So Kathryn is now about 10 minutes outside of Wakefield, in what used to be an elementary school, now turned into several artists’ studios. She has enough room to dye yarn and paint. We’ll do a post on that next, just have to get some pictures…

I haven’t been knitting much lately, too busy, surprising great-grand ma and holding my grandson as much as possible. The family, all the family, got together for my mom’s 83rd birthday.1cDue to slight logistical problems, or maybe dyslexia, the cakes pronounced her to be 38! Who wouldn’t want that? (Although I don’t think I’d want to be 15 again). She had no idea her great-grand son would make an appearance. And although the child had to be shared, we managed.1eBut great-grand ma, and grand-ma (that would be Moi) got dibs and got to squeeze him the most.

Frankie was more interested in the local fauna:image (10)Only as a friend, not as lunch. But it was all too much for the little guy and soon he was out cold. Dirt is the best place to sleep, it’s cool and damp and nobody wants you to come back into the house.1dThere was some knitting related occurrences, I did finish a sweater for my daughter:2013_06170114Another Shellseeker, very Cape Cod appropriate, don’t you think? And it is knit from yarn we bought there, but made in Virginia, close enough I say to be considered “local”. She, in turn, brought me a little surprise. Not knitted but made of wool and cotton, so close enough for me!j2I’m a sucker for ocean-themed stuff. The cats like it too (it’s already covered in hair), and I think Henry is fat enough to completely cover the whale. Wonder if that makes him feel empowered (or just fat as a whale).

Now to knitting. It’s been raining all day here so I finally dug into my knitting basket to prioritize my madness. And speaking of whales, I’m back at  my whale cardigan, which I think I blogged about LAST summer, but never got it done. I wasn’t keen on how the pattern began, you have to start the left and right fronts from the top down, then the back and then join them up… I wasn’t sure about the sizing etc. so it just sat there. So instead, I’m doing a pattern mash-up. I started with Slanted Sleeven, which is a top-down cardigan using the contiguous method  (so you get the look of a set-in sleeve) and has a self-made button band too. I’m guessing at the size and fudging numbers since the Sleeven pattern calls for 22 stitches/4″ and my yarn and the other pattern knits up at 24 and row counts are completely different, but so far so good, it fits my dress form at rate. I’ll try it on once I join up the body and if it doesn’t fit, it’s back to the drawing board, but I have feeling all will be well.j3See how nicely the sleeves are forming, and the whale tails, and the beautiful band. It’s like cooking in a crock pot, you just throw in everything at once. Here it is from the front:j4I’m using Araucania Itata, a fingering weight wool/bamboo/silk blend, which looks like crap when knitting (bottom half of sweater) but really nice once you block it (top half).

I’m also working on a sweater with some yarn that Kathryn had dyed, a wool/tussah silk blend. Kathryn is making the same sweater, in the same yarn but a different colour. I chose this fantastic green:j1It will be Toujours, a nice loose casual pullover. It’s pretty mindless knitting, good for watching Netflix by.

I’ll end it here, since at this point I’m sure you feel like these two… and are thinking, enough already!12