An update!

Another post already! I just got back from Kathryn’s studio. What a fantastic space. She has room for both her painting and her dyeing. This is the dyeing space (that’s Kathryn and Maureen):2And here she is hard at work, mixing up her magically beautiful colours:8Here is a closer look at the heart of the operation:4Is that a sink or what?  And the other side is for painting:3And a closer look at her paintings, which I just love:5There are still things to be done, shelves to be built etc, but what a bright, cool (in both senses of the word) and spacious place to work. There is even a resident turkey! How cool is that! He struts his stuff almost every day it seems. He should maybe stay out of sight come October…6In other news… my mash-up worked! Check out this freakingly perfect shoulder!!12And the front and back:13 15Perfectomundo!!

In other knitting news, this is Kathryn’s Toujours, same wool/tussah silk in a different colourway, dyed by her of course:9She only just started the second ball, how’s that for yardage? or meterage, depending on your bent…

Now on to pets and babies (I’m covering all the bases again – something for everyone).

I believe I mentioned that Henry was the size of a whale? a whale on a small rug, but a whale nonetheless, and I rest my case:1Just tilt him a few degrees and you get the idea. He recently got caught outside in a torrential downpour, hilarity ensued.

Frankie, being an Australian shepherd mix, is not much of a swimmer but does enjoy the river to cool off, especially when tricked into it with a stick:2013_06240027And then runs back home:(Yeah, that’s my BEACH and the path back to the house – unfortunately a dirt road cuts across it but it is still super nice to have one’s own beach on a river).2013_06240028Lastly, I leave you with my grandson, who is just figuring out what is edible or not. Food yes, bowl, not so much (made lovingly by Maureen):photo (33)Yum!















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