Let’s twist again…

It is almost time for Twist Fibre Festival! August 24th and 25th. There will be tons of vendors and interesting workshops. Kathryn has been working hard getting ready for it. And after that, on September 7th and 8th, the 18th Annual Fibrefest in Almonte.

My mother and I popped into her studio for a visit:2There was lots of yarn and fibre on the drying racks. 4


Kathryn showed my mother a sweater she is working on, in her own hand-dyed yarn of course:3My mother was an ace knitter in her day. She knit herself funky little dresses from fingering weight yarn and great sweaters for us kids and my dad. Of course I can’t find any funky little dress pictures but I have this one of a sweater for my dad:Family 126Yay 70’s! Don’t you wish you had a couch like that?? This sweater was also knit from fingering weight yarn, with a woven cable pattern on the front and zipper! She still has it tucked away somewhere. The glass was a joke, I think…

Last time I was at Kathryn’s studio I forgot to take a picture from the outside, it is a former elementary school, with pretty well all the classrooms now being used as studios by several artists. Her studio is where the first six windows are behind the trees.8This weekend there was the opening of the Fairbairn House Heritage Centre in Wakefield. There were games for the kids, people dressed in costume, and a few vendors, including Kathryn:13It was a very pretty setting.



Yes, I did get some of that garlic, yum.

In other news… Frankie has learned to swim after and fetch A STICK. 10It looks like he won this contest, but we do help him cheat. Sorry Pitou. And there is some stick tug-of-war afterwards:12And although I have almost as many shoes as knitting projects, I couldn’t resist these when I was visiting family in Guelph.3They look like measuring tapes! And I could actually use them, since I lose my measuring tapes regularly, but I don’t think I’ll ever lose these.

Hope to see you at Twist or Almonte, or both!






3 thoughts on “Let’s twist again…

  1. Thanks Julie, I really miss everyone. Mike and I dropped in on Kathryn at her new studio on Tuesday. What a great room , your pictures caught it perfectly. Lovely to see photo of your Mom enjoying looking at Katrhryn’s sweater. Nice picture of your Dad too, and those sandals—–Wow gorgeous.Congarts to Frankie!!! I hope you Crazy knitters wil have time to come to the cottage sometime before the season ends, hell we’re having September weather now. Maybe Sept will be like August. Cheers Mary

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