Just catching my breath…

It has been a very busy fall for all of us. Maureen was working flat out for a pottery show that took place in early November, Kathryn has been dyeing yarn no stop for some large store orders, for the Vorlage craft fair which was in early November  and for Idle Hands Art, Craft and Vintage sale which will be on 1 December (St. Anthony’s Banquet Hall in Ottawa). Now that I’m home, I helped Kathryn, mostly grunt work, skeining, tagging etc. So guess where I was?DSCF3709Why yes, that is the ocean and my grandson (in a hand knit sweater)! I was in Cape Cod again, for 2 weeks of beautiful weather and family time. I gave my daughter a few hand knit items for her birthday:darThe hat is from Kate Davies, Colours of Shetland, and the sweater from Melissa Wehrle’s Metropolitan Knits. Both books are fantastic and I plan on knitting virtually every single thing in them.

It was close to Halloween so we dressed the cutey up in an outfit that was his dad’s as a baby. DSCF3775He took his role as Parts Manager (or Farts Manager as his dad suggested) for Gulf a tad seriously but melted many a heart in Provincetown as we strolled along and then topped for a fantastic lunch.

He is 9 months old and starting to walk fairly regularly – even without mom’s helping hands. (oh, and is that another hand-knit sweater?)


When I came home, I was off to the Gananoque for an annual knitting retreat that I go to with some friends. It was a blast as usual. We had an enormous room, with a living area and a bar and 2 bathrooms! It’s right on the water, this was our view:


The classes were great, Natalie Servant, a fantastic designer and overall super nice person, gave a class on an Estonian technique called Roositud. It looks like embroidery but you weave the other colour of yarn as you are knitting. It is a great  alternative to intarsia for those of us who hate intarsia more than doing taxes (that would be me). Natalie of course pushed it to the nth degree, knitting 24 little Xmas mitts for her tree. She was working on them all through the retreat:DSCF3850And managed to get them all done! Crazy girl.DSCF3852This a more complicated version of this technique (also knit by Natalie). I can definitely see it in my future…IMG_6148_medium2Natalie gave me a spindle made with what looks like marbles (and there are heavier ones you can substitute these for and spin thicker yarn). I had given her one that didn’t do anything for me, so she reciprocated. Then she even won some roving during our raffle night and shared some with me. How nice is that?DSCF3860Anna Dalvi taught shaping shawls and had many beautiful samples to show. I have both her books and am itching to get knitting on some her shawls (once my Xmas knitting is done).DSCF3845And then there is Mary Pat. She often teaches at this retreat, and sometimes just comes as a civilian, and her classes are always wacky and fun. This year we picked from a list of techniques that she thought should be a part of any good knitter’s toolbox. She wrote and sang a knitter’s version of “A Few of My Favourite Things”. You had to be there. Plus she has the best hair, eyeglasses, earrings and outfits. Always a blast. IMG_6158_medium2

We also have a show and tell. So many beautiful things… this shawl was knit by Noreen in Kathryn’s yarn.IMG_6135_medium2The pattern is Radiance Shawl, and she used yarn that she bought from me at the last retreat (we also have a vendors night). Wouldn’t it look great with a purple or indigo dress? You’d never get lost in a crowd!

And my room-mate Nancy made this one from Twist Collective, Celestarium:IMG_6128_medium2The night sky! In beads! Nancy added that border to make it larger.

We also all come dressed in all our knitted finery. I wore my Kate Davies outfit from Colours of Shetland. The hat is made with Jamieson & Smith, and the tunic with Knitpicks Palette. IMG_6212_medium2

IMG_6217_medium2On the way home, we were already plotting what to knit for the next retreat, it sure gets your knitting juices running, haha.

In other knitting news, Kathryn and I both finished our Toujours, both in her wool/tussah silk blend. We chose very different fits. Her is more fitted and I went with loose and long. Which got looser and longer after washing. Argh.photo (49)I like it but I liked it better before washing. So I washed it again and threw it in the dryer. I kept an eye on it and it tightened up just enough. The yarn held up fantastically well and I probably could have left it in the dryer till it was bone dry but didn’t dare. So now it’s not quite as “wavy” as in the picture.

Here is a peek at the piles of yarn Kathryn dyed up:photo (51)(I’m knitting Ninian with that green yarn – because why can’t a person have 20 green sweaters? – anyway it only takes 2 skeins of Kathryn’s cashmere lace weight/light fingering yarn). Well that was our busy month of October and some of November.

I’ll end this post with a picture I forgot to add to my last one about my mom. It is one of my favourite pictures. The quality isn’t very good. But how prescient is it?IMG_NEWHalf a century before DeadMau5!

Deadmau5 In Concert At L'Olympia