What do you mean it’s over????P1130451 (2)Yup, Xmas, done, finished, sorry kid. Or maybe I’m misreading this picture and he just hates the hat? And he’s crying “Enough already, I’m not Santa’s little helper!” Who knows what little kids think.

Now I can show some of my Xmas knitting, nothing spectacular but much appreciated, I think.

Lots of fingerless gloves, these for my daughter (loads of fun to knit – pattern can be found here on Ravelry, made from random sock yarn:


and these for my son-in-law and my son (I made grey ones for him but forgot to take a picture – bad blogger). I used the above pattern as a guide and the little pints of beer from another pattern (which I didn’t buy because it was pretty easy to figure out.)DSCF3872

And no, I didn’t forget my little guy, how could I??DSCF3870

It’s a bit big, which is good, he has room to grow. It is from 60 Quick Baby Knits. The original pattern also has rolled cuffs and sweater bottom, but I have totally fallen in love with a certain stretchy cast on (as evidenced on the wee sweater), easy to remember and just works like a charm. With waste yarn, you cast on half the number of stitches called for in your pattern using the backward-loop method (odd number). Cut the yarn, with your main yarn, on the set-up row: K1, *yo, K1* – repeat between *, row 1: K1, *sl 1 pwise wyf, K1*, repeat between *, row 2: *Sl 1 pwise wyf, k1*, repeat between *, end sl 1 pwise wyf. Repeat rows 1 and 2 and then just k1, p1, k1 etc for a few rows and then remove the waste yarn. Voila! easy peasy. It’s also easy in the round, you just have to make a few slight adjustments: it is for an even number of stitches, the set-up row you *K1, yo*; row 1: *Sl 1 pwise wyf, k1*; row 2: *P1, sl 1 pwise wyb*. I use this cast-on for any kind of ribbing, the first few rows will be in k1,p1 and then you switch over. Looks perfectly fine.

I already posted a picture of the vest I spun and knit but here is a picture on the actual man, sans head, because I’m not sure he would want the exposure:1

Yes, it is huge. But it was knit to the requested measurements. Perhaps he is expecting a Siamese twin to spontaneously emerge and share the woolly tent. But as long as he is happy, my job is done.

With all this “knitting for others” thing, I had to pound something out for myself. I should be finished tomorrow. It is another nice top-down pattern from Veera Valimaki, Graystone, knit in some discontinued Rowan yarn, Soft Lux, which I bought about 5 years ago?? I’m not usually the sparkly kind of girl but it is sufficiently subtle and just so darn soft and squishy and warm (last week’s -30ish weather drove me to knit it) and by god I love the collar, it’s HUGE and you can play around with it.IMG_1639

I don’t even mind the slight flare at the bottom which is totally my own making and not the pattern’s, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to knit back and change it.

In my next post I will show the blanket and sweater I knit for my grandson’s birthday, but will wait till it actually passes. I don’t believe he reads my blog but who knows, besides, I wouldn’t want him tweeting about it as he is surely doing right now, kids these days. P1130785 (2)

(And don’t worry, he does not always get his way but once in a while you just have to give in for a little while).

I have also started spinning again, the Fibre Garden had a great sale so I bought 1 lb each of a mixed roving in 2 different colours, I’m working on this one:IMG_1637Reds with grey and black, spins up like a dream, yes it will be for MOI and yes it matches the whale carpet in the background, totally unintentional.

To end I leave you with this:IMG_20130928_103302 (2)“So tell me again about the time you blew milk out through your nose! HAHAHAHA”

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