On second thought, winter is the new spring?

Yes, I am yet another whiner, bitching about the lack of spring. We just had another dump of snow. I had the worst drive into town the other morning in another short-lived snow storm and I’m just worn down by it all. Frankie however likes it fine. If Frankie had to drive, he might think otherwise.aIMG_1736Personally, I go with Henry’s position on the weather, semi-horizontal. Works for me.aIMG_1731Mind you, this weather is conducive to knitting while in a semi-horizontal position (and why is this so bad for humans when cats can be like this for 20+ hours to no ill effect?)

I’m chugging along with the striped pullover:aIMG_1749(No, my shirt isn’t dirty, that’s the mirror which I forgot to clean, again). I had to tear it back to the armholes a couple of times, first time the armhole seemed like it might end up too small, then the body seemed to big. I took it off the needles and, why yes, it was enormous. I did swatch, but being impatient and a bad, bad knitter, I didn’t swatch in the round, and guess what??? My gauge came out bigger in the round. Duh. So I ripped it back again. On my third attempt things seem to be working out better. My “plan” is to continue the stripes for a while, with a bit of A-line shaping, then end with maybe 6″ of just the turquoise and add pockets with red linings. I’ll figure out what to do with the sleeves when I see how much yarn I have left of each colour. I might change up the striping sequence.

I have also plotted out another little pullover for my grandson. I’m using shadow or illusion knitting. I had a pattern that I bought ages ago, and of course I can’t find it in that disaster of a stash room so I just had to figure it out for myself. I have a book about the technique but mostly figured it out from the pictures.aIMG_1752(And yeah, I haven’t cleaned the glass on the table either). The bottom swatch is the backside, which I quite like. So I am going to use that as the bottom border and then the rest will be like the top swatch. At first view, it will just look like a stripy sweater, but at certain angles, you’ll see fish appear:aIMG_1753I’m knitting it side-to-side and have done all the math, figured out where to place the fish and have started the back. Once it actually looks like something I’ll post a picture.

My grandson says, “bring on the slushy weather!”:photo (57)If only he could actually move his legs once the boots are on. Oh well, one thing at a time.

Well, I’m off to clean all these things that I just realized look disgusting. Taking photos gives you a new perspective on your filth.

Fall is the new Spring

No, I’m not going to rant about climate change (although if I hear “what’s this global warming?  it’s the coldest winter in 20 years” one more time, I will SCREAM). It just means that we have to postpone our little knitting retreat which usually takes place in the spring. Things just didn’t work out so it will probably be in the fall, we will keep you posted as to the actual dates once finalized.

In the meantime, there is knitting to show you! I just finished Reverb for a friend. It still needs buttons, but she gets to choose those. I used just over 2 cones of merino/cashmere DK which I held with a strand of lace-weight yarn to get the right gauge. The yarn came from Colourmart, a little company in the UK that sells remainder yarns from mills in Scotland and Italy. It is very reasonably priced and they DON’T CHARGE FOR SHIPPING. (An enabler at least year’s retreat introduced us to this yarn crack).aIMG_1723There is still about 100 gm left of the last cone, so I am mixing it with some other yarn I have to knit this (for myself):aIMG_1726I am knitting a top-down raglan of my own invention, might add pockets if I have enough yarn. I was originally going to make it just turquoise and navy but there is not enough navy left and I don’t have any other navy yarn on hand. I avoid black and navy because those two colours seem to have a magical magnetic quality to them, attracting every last bit of cat and dog hair to themselves, conspiring to make me look like some slob, crazy cat lady, which I am NOT (even though we have 4 cats – long story, but we do live in the country,  and one dog.) So, I had 4 balls of red St. Denis Nordique and decided to knit the top part in red (because turquoise and navy weren’t bright enough!) I have also found that wearing bright turquoise near the face is like playing Buttercup (the point of which totally escapes me), except instead of having a yellow chin, you have a weird neon turquoise glow on your chin. Red is much better on me, and doesn’t give me a red chin for some reason (although drinking too much Guinness might). I will do the body in stripes and decide what to do with the sleeves later. I’m all about knitting, not about planning. This sweater will be great to wear to large gatherings or festivals because you will never lose me in a crowd. Unless you want to, which is a possibility.

Of course I’ve also started something else (don’t even ask about the stuff in previous posts, they will appear as they get finished…), super cute top-down pullover, Laneway, I will make mine shorter I think (the original has the length of short dress).aIMG_1727I am using KnitPicks Imagination sock yarn (discontinued) in a grey mix and their Stroll sock yarn in red. I hope I won’t just end up looking like a giant sock monkey (although I’m sure my grandson would love that).

AND, I even finished a cardigan that will be perfect for my next visit to Cape Cod:IMG_1712aThe yarn was all STASH yarn that I bought years ago (for about $2 a ball, discontinued – so this cost about $20 to make!!!!) This is a very fun pattern to knit, lots of things happening to keep you interested, it is called BlueSand Cardigan. But it’s not ALL about me (so the count so far, 3 for me, 1 for a friend…) I also finished this little hat for my niece (who is giving it to a friend with a baby girl).aIMG_1716aI mailed it on Monday and it has not yet reached it’s destination. We are hoping it isn’t lost in the mail or being worn by some postie with a sense of humour or some kind of fetish. This was another very fun knit. I made a blue one for my grandson last year. And speak of the devil… I’m working on a cotton pullover for him, very Cape-Codish also:aIMG_1728I used the Whale Watch hat as the basis. I will stitch in some water spouting out of the whales when I am done. Stranded knitting in cotton is a pain, so the rest will be plain knitting, maybe striped sleeves, I don’t know yet, I haven’t planned that far. So obviously I am feeling pretty generous since this adds up to a one-for-one exchange in projects (we won’t count the actual SIZE of the projects).

I will end with one of those hairy beasts we own:IMG_1633aPlaying outside in -20 C weather can tire out the hairiest of dogs, especially spoiled ones. At least he doesn’t ask me to fluff the pillow, although I’m sure he would if he could.