On second thought, winter is the new spring?

Yes, I am yet another whiner, bitching about the lack of spring. We just had another dump of snow. I had the worst drive into town the other morning in another short-lived snow storm and I’m just worn down by it all. Frankie however likes it fine. If Frankie had to drive, he might think otherwise.aIMG_1736Personally, I go with Henry’s position on the weather, semi-horizontal. Works for me.aIMG_1731Mind you, this weather is conducive to knitting while in a semi-horizontal position (and why is this so bad for humans when cats can be like this for 20+ hours to no ill effect?)

I’m chugging along with the striped pullover:aIMG_1749(No, my shirt isn’t dirty, that’s the mirror which I forgot to clean, again). I had to tear it back to the armholes a couple of times, first time the armhole seemed like it might end up too small, then the body seemed to big. I took it off the needles and, why yes, it was enormous. I did swatch, but being impatient and a bad, bad knitter, I didn’t swatch in the round, and guess what??? My gauge came out bigger in the round. Duh. So I ripped it back again. On my third attempt things seem to be working out better. My “plan” is to continue the stripes for a while, with a bit of A-line shaping, then end with maybe 6″ of just the turquoise and add pockets with red linings. I’ll figure out what to do with the sleeves when I see how much yarn I have left of each colour. I might change up the striping sequence.

I have also plotted out another little pullover for my grandson. I’m using shadow or illusion knitting. I had a pattern that I bought ages ago, and of course I can’t find it in that disaster of a stash room so I just had to figure it out for myself. I have a book about the technique but mostly figured it out from the pictures.aIMG_1752(And yeah, I haven’t cleaned the glass on the table either). The bottom swatch is the backside, which I quite like. So I am going to use that as the bottom border and then the rest will be like the top swatch. At first view, it will just look like a stripy sweater, but at certain angles, you’ll see fish appear:aIMG_1753I’m knitting it side-to-side and have done all the math, figured out where to place the fish and have started the back. Once it actually looks like something I’ll post a picture.

My grandson says, “bring on the slushy weather!”:photo (57)If only he could actually move his legs once the boots are on. Oh well, one thing at a time.

Well, I’m off to clean all these things that I just realized look disgusting. Taking photos gives you a new perspective on your filth.


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