How many patterns does it take to knit a sweater?

I am home, sick, a bad cold has a stranglehold on me; within 4 hours of having a sore throat, I graduated to full blown snot-dom. Despite feeling wretched, I managed to finish 2 sweaters and hope to finish a third. As it turns out, these 3 sweaters are essentially made up by me. I used one pattern for sizing, and another for the whale graph (which I was going to graph out myself but I don’t believe in duplication of effort), but that was it, the rest was knit with a modicum of planning and on the fly. Now, my Ravelry library says I have 7,219 patterns. Which is INSANE. In my defence, this includes every pattern in every book I own and magazine to which I subscribe, or bought for a few patterns in them that I liked. But then I end up knitting 3 sweaters that don’t use any of these patterns. So I think it is time to cull the herd. This spring I will go through everything and destash some of these magazines and books. My sagging bookshelves will thank me, I am sure. (Seriously, the shelves on two of my bookshelves have actually collapsed, I blame poor manufacturing and not the weight of all that paper and cardboard).

So here is a little show and tell:1aIMG_1755(Yes, that is still snow and ice in the background, ugh).┬áMy turquoise tunic turned out almost exactly as I imagined! I’m pretty happy with it. I like the fit and the red pockets. For the pocket edges I just knit 3 rows of reverse stockinette and cast off. Of course one was looser than the other, and they were both looser than I wanted so I then crocheted a chain along the inside to tighten everything up. I should have just ripped out the edging and reknit it, but I had already attached the sides and sewed everything down when I realized that things were a bit too loose.

I’m in full knitting mode for my grandson, have to get these done before heading off to Cape Cod. One is finished:1aIMG_1766The yarn is very soft and silky (KnitPicks Comfy fingering – cotton and acrylic). I decided to leave one shoulder for buttoning since this yarn has no give and I was worried it might not fit over his large baby head. And finally, I’m working away on the shadow fish sweater, just about finished the back:1aIMG_1770I’m not sure how I want to do the neckline, I might just go with a boat neck, the easiest option.

Well that’s all for now, off to blow my nose for the billionth time…