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Well I’m back! So soon? I have a bit of tweaking to do on the lace tee pattern. I finally found my original one, knit two years ago, stuffed in a knitting bag (of which I have thousands, well maybe hundreds), and it is a tad different than the one I made my sister.

This:noroaInstead of this:aaIMG_1940I’m not sure why I did the increase rate differently, bad memory, inability to count, I don’t know, but now there are two versions. So, if you would prefer the bottom to be a bit flouncier, increase every 10 stitches instead of every 20 in the second round of increases. I will add this to the pattern in the other post. Well, that’s it for now. Frankie is patiently waiting at the door…



Hey! It’s been a long time… but I have a free pattern for you!

It has been a long time since I last posted. Lots of things have happened, some good, some bad. Here is the good stuff. Guess where I was not so long ago?fIMG_3441 (2)Yup, playing with my grandson in Cape Cod! The weather was mostly beautiful so we got a lot of sand-time in. He can fill a pail like nobody’s business! He wore the sweaters I made him (one of which could be longer, argh, will add to it next time I go…)aaIMG_1921But this one was just right! Room to grow up and down or sideways. And look at those fish! I love shadow knitting. I’ll have to come up with some other ideas for him.aaIMG_1839The rhododendrons were out, blooming like crazy. My grandson was very sweet. Loved to pick flowers, take a sniff and then tried to put them back on the plant. He’ll learn. These were right in my daughter’s yard, along with pink ones and white ones and purple ones and red ones…IMG_1897When I posted about the monkey blanket I made for my grandson, I forgot to mention that my daughter has a bit of monkey theme going for him with several Curious George books and items, some of which are “vintage”, like this magnet, Curious George sniffing a little ether!:IMG_1859This one just kills me, nobody could make a magnet like that aimed at children these days.

Well back to crafty things. My daughter dabbles in pottery and I just bought some supported spindles (which I still have to figure out how to use), so I asked her to make me a base to spin them on:aaIMG_1948She made me a selection of bases, which probably means I’ll have to buy more spindles, haha. The spindle I am holding is from Viking Santa, you can find him on etsy, he’s in BC, and makes all kinds of beautiful spindles and accoutrements.

I have also been busy in the knitting department. I knit a lace tee for my sis (in Noro Kirameki) and am working on one for my daughter. AND I wrote up the pattern. It is in one size (but it is very stretchy so fits a variety of sizes – I would say this fits a 32″ (loose) to a 42″ bust (fitted) – I tried it on several people) and I am working on a larger one, so there will be a second installment soon.aaIMG_1943

Top-down Lace Tee16-20 st, 26-ish rows per 4″ after blocking. (24 st, 26 rows before blocking.) It all depends. I’ve knit this 3 times and keep getting different numbers. So this all just more or less, don’t worry about it. I used a 4 mm circular needle, if you are a tight knitter, use 4.5 mm.
Lace yarn, Noro Kirameki, Riverside Studio lace singles, linen/silk lace, anything that is more or less 375-450 m per 50 gm. 2 skeins. This top used about 650m.
Cast on 2st, pm, 10 st, pm, 30 sts, pm, 10 sts, pm, 2. (54  stitches)

Next row, purl.
Raglan shaping: Read ALL of this section.Increase every 2nd round, 12 times (26 rows counting first 2 set up rows), 5 times every 4 rounds (29, 33, 37, 41, 45), 5 times every 2nd row (55 rows).

These are the increases for most rows, unless otherwise stated below:

*Knit to 1st before marker 1, M1R, k1, sm, k1, M1L, knit to 1 st before marker 2, M1R, k1, sm, k1, M1L, knit to 1 st before marker 3, M1R, k1, sm, k1, M1L, knit to 1st before marker 4, M1R, k1, sm, k1, M1L,* knit to end.
The front stitches are increased on every row, the sleeves and back, not always, the neck – sometimes.
Starting on row 7 and every 6th row, make front neck increases also: k1, M1L, **, Knit to one st before end, M1R, k1.
Purl all wrong side rows until joined in the round, then knit every 2nd row.
M1L = make one stitch left leaning, M1R = make one stitch right leaning. There are several instructions online, here is one possibility: increases.
I have written out all the increase rows. Where I don’t have extra instructions, knit the increase row as shown above.
Stitch counts by row (this is what you should have per section once you have made the necessary increases):1.     2,10,30,10,2
3.     3,12,32,12,3
5.     4,14,34,14,4

7.     6,16,36,16,6**  – neck inc + rest (meaning the bolded instructions above)

9.     7,18,38,18,7
11.    8,20,40,20,8

13.   10,22,42,22,10** – neck inc + rest

15.   11,24,44,24,11
17.   12,26,46,26,12

19.   14,28,48,28,14** – neck inc + rest

21.   15,30,50,30,15
23.   16,32,52,32,16

25.   18,34,54,34,18** – neck inc + rest
27.   19,34,54,34,19 – only front increases! increase before marker 1 and after marker 4
29.   20,36,56,36,20
31.   22,36,56,36,22 – neck inc + front inc only
33.   23,38,58,38,23
35.   24,38,58,38,24  –  front inc only
37.   26,40,60,40,26  – neck inc + rest
39.   27,40,60,40,27 –  front inc only
41.   28,42,62,42,28
43.   30,42,62,42,30 – neck inc + front inc only
45.   31,44,64,44,31
47.   32,46,66,46,32
49.   34,48,68,48,34 – neck inc + rest
51.   35,50,70,50,35
53.   36,52,72,52,36
55.   38,54,74,54,38 – neck inc + rest

Row 56: Knit 38 stitches per front side, cast on 4 st, pm, cast on 4, place 54 sleeve stitches on holder, knit 74 for back, place 54 sleeve stitches on holder, cast on 4, pm, cast on 4, knit 38, join in the round. (Yes there are a couple of mores stitches in the front than in the back. It doesn’t matter, unless you want it to).

Knit for 8″. Increase every 15 st (I just did a right leaning M1 – pick whatever you like, it is not very visible, unless you do a yarn over.)

Knit for 3″. Increase every 20. Or, increase every 10 stitches for a looser, flouncier bottom [see this post].

Knit till 15-16″ from underarm or however long you want it.

Lace bind off. (K2, place stitches back on left needle and k2tog through the back, you have one stitch on right needle, k1, place those 2 stitches back on left needle and K2tog tbl, continue in this manner).

Pick up stitches around neckline, about 3 for 4 along v-neck, stitch for stitch along sleeves and back, total about 130. Bind off loosely.

Put live stitches on needle, pick up 8 stitches at underarm. You might need to pick up a couple of stitches before and after underarm to avoid holes. I picked up 2 on either side, twisting them as I knit them to avoid holes). Knit 2 more rounds and bind off loosely. Try to bind off with the same tension for both sleeves, if you want them very loose, use the lace bind off, if the sleeves might be a bit too wide for your arms, bind off not so loosely. Just make them both the same, and make sure your arms can get through them! And you could make sleeves if you want, just keep knitting.

If you’re numbers don’t quite add up, don’t worry, this a very forgiving pattern. Clear as mud??

This is the one I am making for my daughter, I’m using silk/linen lace weight, Anzula, very soft.IMG_1967Otherwise, I will get back to this:aaIMG_1960(Swimming after a storm) and this:IMG_1929Kayaking back to our beach to go for a swim! And I’ll leave you with Frankie cooling off a bit and looking for ducks to herd:IMG_1958I’ll be back soon with the larger size for the tee, and at some point, a rounded neckline too. Will the excitement never cease??