Slightly obsessed…

This post will work its way back in time…

I’m working hard to get the classes ready for our retreat (see Maureen’s post), which is coming upon us oh so quickly! I’ve knit up some swatches to show how different button bands (and bottom bands) act and I have a few more to go:IMG_2037a(Gratuitous Frankie shot too!)

I’ve also been obsessing about a few sweaters, well more than a FEW, but I don’t have all day to write this blog, I’ve got knitting to do. I just realized that my grandson needs more sweaters. Kids, they just keep growing. I decided to knit him a hoodie, at first just something plain, but since he lives in Cape Cod…. hmmm… how about some fish?? I love knitting fish (as you might have guessed). There is something froufrou about seashells and clams, but not about fish (or crabs and lobsters which I must incorporate into my knitting sometime too). I bought a Martin Storey pattern called Whiting, purely for the fish! So I added these, rather willy-nilly to the top-down hoodie I started. I suppose I could have figure out better placement for them but I was so pumped to get started that I threw caution to the wind and cast on. I don’t think a 20 month old will notice if the fish could have been more judiciously placed. And if he did, well the little ingrate.IMG_2029aHow cute is that???? I will knit myself a fish sweater too (not exactly the same because that would be CRAZY, but we will be matchy-matchy all the same, got to do it when they are young and clueless!) I am using a HUMONGOUS cone of light grey yarn I got at Value Village for $6!! It is acrylic 😦 but it can be thrown in the washer and the dryer (I tried, good swatcher that I am) and I know that will be its fate, so no point in tempting fate, eh.


I will have my grandson positively swimming in grey acrylic sweaters until he is 35. I have two cones! My only concern is that the poor fella will get sick of my obsessive ocean-themed knitting. Maybe he will flee into the arms of the mid-west and then what would I knit him. Sweaters with tractors? Sigh.il_340x270.543912558_b5lzIf he would head for the hills,  I could do mountains and wolves. I loathe intarsia so I could figure out how to make mountains out of cables but not wolves, I think wolves would defeat me.IMG_0815However, this sweater is SO insane I might take a few painkillers and go for it. But here’s hoping that he will never get sick of fishes on his sweaters!

On a side note, here is a shot of Knit CompanionIMG_2026a It is an app for iPad (I believe they are making a version for android too) where you can upload your pdf patterns, crop your charts and then use highlighted counters to keep track of what you are doing (in addition to a bunch of other features). I love it. It holds loads of patterns and remembers where you are if you jump around between them, as I do. Knitting monogamy is for suckers! Anyway, I highly recommend it.

Otherwise I am also working on a coat! Which I expect will be ready for NEXT fall, argh. It is a slog, it hurts my hands a bit, but I love it to bits. I am using some rough-ish tweedy yarn I bought from someone on Ravelry held together with a light fingering- weight yarn I bought from Colourmart. (Gratuitous Frankie and Henry shot, must write “The Ballad of Frankie and Henry” someday).IMG_2032aThat is a sleeve. It is a very 50s/60s looking coat, Lindsay, from Cocoknits:lindsay-model-front-closed-130827_small2I will add big vintage buttons and make the sleeves longer. Love, love, love the collar.

I have also rediscovered Rowan patterns. I went off them for a while, many of their patterns were too dowdy (which a skinny 20 year old model can somehow get away with, well, barely, and perhaps a bit ironically?) and really, who wants to look dowdy? I might be a grandma, but I’m not a dowdy one (well in MY mind anyway). However, their last two collections (55 and 56) and separate designer books have been pretty fabulous. I love these two especially (Honey is from Kim Hargreaves, not Rowan).

IMG_2021a I am knitting away on this one from Honey, almost finished the front and back, had to frog most of what I knit at the Twist Festival because I increased instead of decreased and then tried to compensate because I didn’t want to frog and then it turned into a big frigging mess. I am using a cotton/acrylic blend from Katia and it has a hint of light grey, not cream coloured like my camera would have you believe.IMG_2020aWhich brings us to another of my current obsessions, gansey or guernsey (tomayto, tomahto…) knitting. I have many sweaters planned, some for myself and some more grey ones from the cone of infinity for the grandkid. I plan on making up some of my own sweaters with gansey patterns (I have a few books), one in bright orange! Heretic that I am!

I am also trying to finish (I had to restart after my swatch lied and the bottom of my sweater grew to a hilariously large size due to my loose knitting), a super cute sweater with some silk/wool yarn I have from Kathryn:

fellersweater1_small2 IMG_2035a

Of course the colour is much richer but what can I do? My camera is a stinking liar and in cahoots with my lying swatches. Don’t you love the bag? I bought it from Mie, her website is WaterWillowDesign, she makes beautiful glass jewelry too, which I also have 🙂

And lastly, here are a few pics from the Twist Fibre Festival. If you missed it, you should definitely go next year. It was exhausting (apparently over 8,000 people passed through) but well worth it. There were tons of vendors, great classes and a polka dot alpaca!    I sh&t you not!IMG_2015aHow cute is that??? I have no idea how he/she looked pre-shaved, but those look like polka dots to me! And this sheep was channeling Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver, I think:IMG_2010a

“You talkin’ to me?” Although I don’t think De Niro was quite that insanely bug-eyed. Thank god for fencing.

This was Kathryn’s booth:IMG_2002a And here is a shot of her sweater, which everybody wanted to buy of course. She used her sport weight cashmere/wool blend:IMG_2003aand a photo before the hordes descended:IMG_2004a Well back to the future and more swatch-knitting for the retreat and writing up my classes. I’ll leave you with a shot of the grandkid enjoying the ocean. Hope I don’t put him off it!IMG_3975



2 thoughts on “Slightly obsessed…

  1. Your grandson is way too cute for words! Loved the photos of the alpacas and Robert de Niro in sheep’s clothing! And of course, it’s great to see what you’re up to these days by way of sweaters, swatches and I’m trying to find another word that starts with ‘sw’…. !! Thanks for today’s chuckle. Mary Lou

  2. Great anecdotes and pics— Love the 50’s – 60’s —that’s my era!!! I like the look of that beret in the Honey book. I must move on from baby clothes to hats. Yikes, the Bazaar is Nov 1. Looking forward to the retreat. Cheers Mary

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