Almost there…

Next weekend is our little retreat! I’ve written up the classes and am just finishing off some swatches. Kathryn is preparing the dyes and Maureen is  finalizing the menu. It will be a lot of fun. I will even have door prizes, for like, everyone! That’s one way to cull the books and stash. We have a few spots left, so if you are interested, contact us. It starts Friday night with a fabulous dinner and show and tell, or just knitting if you have nothing to tell. But a glass of wine (or two) might loosen you up. We are usually booked up when we hold it in the spring (but it just couldn’t happen this year). The fall seems to be a busy time of year for everyone but the weekend so far looks like it will be beautiful,  because you know, seven day weather forecasting never lies. Next year, however,  we will hold it again in the spring (hopefully we can get the venue).

I am just about finished my grandson’s hoodie. I have not knit the band around the hood, I want to make sure it fits first, so I’ll do that “in situ”. I just have to find some buttons, and maybe finish that second sleeve…IMG_2060I just love those fish. I’m going to make him a new blanket with those fishes swimming up and down it.

In November, I go to a knitting retreat in the Gananoque. I have yarn from sheep from a friend of mine and promised to have it finished for show and tell. I will definitely get it done on time.IMG_2055I really like the yarn, it is super squishy (yes that is an official yarn term), with lots of lanolin in it still but washes up beautifully. I also plan on finishing my Betty Mouat Cowl, I am using darker shades than the original, in Jamieson & Smith yarn. I knit a matching tam from Gudrun Johnston’s upcoming release, Shetland Trader – Book 2 (lots of great patterns), Hermaness Hats, I was apparently the first one to finish! Yay me! I plan on making the slouchy version too in a reddish colour. One can never have too many hats. Or scarves, or sweaters, or yarn…IMG_2051(Gawd, I just realized I sort of match my couch).

I also bought some Shelter, love the colour and the yarn. I plan on making a leafy top-down pullover so I can use every last drop. The colours are all incredible. Will post pics as  soon as I have something to show for it.

IMG_2054Well, back to work, I have a few buttonband swatches to finish. It is a rainy, albeit warm, day and Frankie is quite enjoying it. Who ever said we spoil our dog?IMG_2050








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