Xmas knitting appreciation, not.

Merry Christmas to anyone who reads this blog and anyone who doesn’t! (One must be inclusive).

As knitters, most of us do knit gifts for others at Christmas (until we learn better). And then you hope they like it. And then you have to swallow your pride. Especially with a two year old.aDSCF4269Those are little train buttons. He loves trains but he wants that sweater OFF! NOW!

aDSCF4271“Oh, wait are those train buttons? I want to take them OFF, NOW!”

“And I can put on my own darn sweater, I’m 2!!! not a 1 year old baby!!!”aDSCF4272

“Ok, maybe not. But I still want those buttons.”aDSCF4273

If all else fails, just lie on top of it. Empty cardboard boxes are infinitely more interesting anyway.aDSCF4274

I hope your knitted gifts were a little more successful. Since I have your attention, I’ll show you the Brooklyn Tweed projects I finished, for MOI, I allows APPRECIATE everything I knit for myself. This is Woodfords, in Brooklyn Tweed Loft:aDSCF4217The construction of this cardigan is very interesting and the pattern worked out perfectly, even lining up the ribbing with the braid across the back to the where you pick up the sleeves. It is also the perfect weight, very wearable!aDSCF4214 I also finished one in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, the pattern is Such a Winter’s Day:1aDSCF4188I’M HAPPY with my Xmas sweaters and they never make me cry.

Moral of this story, don’t take it personally when a two year old rejects your handknit gift. It’ll be a lot more hurtful when he rejects it when he’s 12 because it isn’t “cool” enough or whatever word they will be using for that concept in 10 years. Or maybe you’ll be lucky and he WILL think handknits are cool. Who knows what the future holds, so keep on knitting!

Happy Holidays!aDSCF4229(That’s another handknit he is wearing and it doesn’t make him cry).