Slippery slope…

I know our blog name is Three Crazy Knitters, knitting is my first love (well, after my family, maybe) but I have recently fallen into temptation (no, not weaving – no room in my little house for weaving!). Crochet!

NOOOOO, I can hear the knitting gallery shout. It was this book that did it, Filigree from Rowan designer Marie Wallin.LUPIN_008


(Although unlike the model, I will wear something other than a nude-coloured bra under those beautiful tops). I was once an ace crocheter, in my elementary school days when I crocheted my Barbies stylish outfits from Archie comics. Betty and Veronica were my muses. Unfortunately, in a moment of teenage madness I packed them all up and sent them to a cousin in Hungary, never to be seen again. So I will keep you posted on my progress. Many of the tops in this collection incorporate both knitting and crocheting, so I won’t be going completely over to the dark side.

In knitting news, I finally finished a sweater with some handspun yarn. Hubby gave me the roving years ago at Xmas and although I spun it up quickly enough, I just couldn’t find the right pattern. I wanted something retro looking, preferably top-down (don’t want to run out of handspun) and finally found this pattern, Sunshine pullover. My yarn even happened to be the same colour!aDSCF4328I especially love the neckline, it is a double thickness so has enough structure to stay put. I might make another sweater using this pattern as a template.

I am also working on Symmetry in Motion, another top-down sweater, with set-in sleeves, using some Noro sock yarn that was supposed to be a skirt which was never meant to be.aDSCF4388It is best to use some kind of stripey or variegated yarn so you can see that slanting bit in the front. I am at the point where this is good TV knitting (I’m plowing through the Aussie prison show, Wentworth, on Netflix). I have been using this handy-dandy device for holding the yarn:aDSCF4362(Thought I’d give you a gratuitous Frankie shot too!). You pop the doohickey through the middle of your ball of yarn and hang it off your wrist. This way I can walk around and knit! How many calories does THAT burn? It actually looks like this:aDSCF4371

I have also started a blanket for my grandson, using the fish motif from his sweater:aDSCF4382I am knitting strips which I will then sew together. This way I can easily adjust the size, whenever my daughter tells me how big she wants it (hint, hint).

I also finished my second Moroccan Nights, using Kathryn’s yarn. It is so comfy and I just love the rich colours:aDSCF4284It did pool a little, which I don’t mind, a bit of a tiger effect (not cougar, I am a married woman afterall).

Speaking of Kathryn, she has been dyeing up a storm, lots of big orders. Her yarn will be going to Paris and Edinburgh with La Maison Tricotée. I was there helping last weekend and spied these wild turkeys outside the studio! aDSCF4327There has since been more snow and when they walk through it, they look like Victorian dowagers dragging their dark skirts off to church.

Kathryn has been dyeing yarn that won’t pool, I knit up this slouchy hat with one of her skeins:

aDSCF4360 (You know you can’t get enough of Frankie).

aDSCF4338 Here is the slouchy look but you can also fold up the ribbed brim for a snugger look. Kathryn will be coming up with a lot of different colourways soon.

We have a little visitor for a month (no, not my grandson, sniff, sniff) but a Cardigan Corgi. Our friends are off on vacation so we have her for a month:aDSCF4394

aDSCF4365She still lies on the ground like a puppy – short legs. She is a real cutie and loves to hang out with Frankie, who is now torn between his doggy loyalty to his regular buddy and the pint-sized interloper.


So sometimes he just sits outside to contemplate his dilemma, what’s a dog to do?aDSCF4297