Yay, Spring! :(

Ok, I’m still glad I don’t live in the Maritimes, and maybe this will be the new normal, and it’s only March, but man-oh-man, I’ve had it. I don’t go south in the winter, and one week in Cancun wouldn’t really make any difference to me, so I save that money (for more yarn? more wine? retirement with wine and yarn?). Although the cats feel it is spring, mostly they do this:


Fire worship. I’m sure this cat threw virgins into volcanoes in a former life.

I am very happy with another cowl I finished. Very Hungarian looking, I think. Parts off my grandma’s pillow pattern, parts I made up to fit a cowl:aDSCF4499It’s a bit smaller than the leaf one, but big enough. I used Kathryn’s merino/cashmere fingering blend and it sooooo soft. I’ve started a different pattern in her singles:aDSCF4498I should have patterns for 4 cowls and a scarf ready by our Wakefield retreat, and a friend is going to translate them into French in time for the Twist Fibre Festival in St-André- Avellin in August. And some “action” shots, haha, mostly SNOW action:aDSCF4502

aDSCF4506Yeah, that sour look on my face is in fact how I feel. Sigh. I know warmer weather is coming, really I do.

I am trying to finish up a sweater for my grandson (since I will be seeing him soon!!!)

aDSCF4496 Just working on the hood, then a big shawl collar and sleeves. It is from a Martin Storey book which has loads of cute kid’s knits. I am using a WAY thicker yarn so had to fudge quite a few things (still working my way through the massive cones of grey yarn I got at Value Village).

And I’ve been working on crochet too, since I want to make something this summer from that book Filigree. It will be a good mind exercise since I already like crochet charts better than written instructions and my instruction books are North American, but the pattern book is British (so double crochet is treble crochet and a single crochet is a double crochet and a double treble is a triple treble etc) and no charts. Gah. I WILL master it.

aDSCF4409 This a swatch I made of different patterns. It’s kind of fun, but man does it eat up yarn. Think I’ll start with a pattern that is mostly knitting with a crochet panel, that way maybe I can get it done before the end of the summer! Summer? what’s summer?


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