Is knitting killing me?

I don’t mean in some crazed and frenzied knitting needle death-by-a-thousand pokes kind of murder, but rather a slow sedentary death (“NO, don’t get up and go for a walk, you just have 20 rows left!”)  If you have read a newspaper, listened to the radio or gone on the internet, you must have heard that sitting is KILLING us. You sit a lot when you knit, almost all the time in fact. Plus, my other favourite hobby doesn’t help at all. I love spinning. When I sheepishly (haha, couldn’t resist) told my doctor that, she said, “that’s great!”. She was thinking this 🙂


(no, that’s not me)

When I meant this 😦


(no that’s not me, and I like to think that I look a tad hipper)

However, what I would like to know is how did they come to their conclusion? They being that nebulous cloud of researchers, doctors and the “journalists” who either misinterpret and/or dumb-down and then sensationalize EVERYTHING!

Both my parents lived to about 84. My dad smoked and drank, my mom had her chubby moments. I never in my life saw them exercise. My dad worked mostly as a construction supervisor, only heavy lifting there was the odd blueprint and thermos (topped up with vodka.) When he retired he walked once a day for about an hour and then spent the rest of the day on the couch reading or watching TV or sleeping or farting. My mother worked as – what was then quaintly referred to – a “key-punch operator” (now called data-entry clerk, unless they have a new euphemism like “information orientating associate”). Key strokes were even counted  and the workers had to meet quotas. So you didn’t take too many bathroom breaks. She had a half hour lunch and walked 15 min one way and 15 min back. At home she did housework on the weekends – sometimes I helped out.  No, I’m not proud of my surly teenage attitude toward dusting 😦  (I still hate housework, especially dusting, just ask the sand dunes on our bookshelves.) But according to the latest health news, this lifestyle should have KILLED them. Which I suppose you could argue did, but if that means living to 84, bring it on!
So why do I feel like I’m slowly killing myself when I sit and knit? They say even if you do a workout but then sit a lot, you are still DOOMED!!
 So every so often, I hop on this thing:
 (No that’s not me).
Hubby got it for me for my bad lower back (too much sitting??) You’d be surprised how quickly it gets your heart rate going. I don’t have a six-pack yet (unlike the fridge which has several) but it makes me move a bit. I walk at lunch (I am a desk jockey slowly hurtling to my death), I drink a few gallons of tea and water at work and so have bathroom breaks every 20 mins or so. At home I walk the dog and I do my back exercises but mostly I SIT. I am DOOMED!!
I might as well document my slow demise, so here’s some knitting.
I am just about finished a thick sweater for the grandson (and working on a thinner stripey one too. About less than 2 weeks till I’m off to Cape Cod!!) Almost finished the second sleeve and then sew it all together.
I’ve been working a bit on one of my other double-knit cowl designs, and have so many ideas for others, using textured stitches and bobbles??
I am going to come up with an ombre shawl for Kathryn’s singles lace yarn, holding two strands together of one colour, then one each, and then two of the second colour:
We might come up with some kits for that too since the yardage would be different from the usual singles.
AND I started another project (how many WIPs is that, 126? maybe I should have contest some day, bet you’d all be wrong!) I am going to knit another fab design from Rililie, called RhombingAround.  After such a long winter, I went with eye-popping colour.
Super bright green for the body and blue and grey for the sleeves (which I dyed myself with Kathryn’s guidance). I have actually been debating whether it is too bright, but in the end I don’t care because it makes me smile every time I look at it, and you will never lose me in a crowd.
Now back to the scourge of inactivity. Frankie doesn’t seem to be too concerned:
And I’m starting to think that maybe subtly moving your wrists while sitting cancels out all the bad stuff about sitting, maybe those researchers should have studied how long knitters live. Maybe I’ll go move my ass from this chair in front of the computer to the chair under the good light in the living room and knit a bit.

7 thoughts on “Is knitting killing me?

    • I work in open concept. My co-workers would think I’m spying on them if I stood. Which I probably would be, haha.

  1. And think of how the diet of the past wasn’t as “healthy” as our supposed diet is now. Of course, I question each time they tell me I shouldn’t eat this that or the other. If Dr’s can’t even get that right, why should I believe them on exercise?

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