Never long enough

aIMG_0401Well I’m back from 2 weeks in Cape Cod. It is never long enough. I knit this little, yet over-sized, gansey, while I was there. I used Kertzer’s, On Your Toes sock yarn, a bamboo/nylon mix that is washable and dryable. The pattern is my own, a top-down which I winged as I went along.aIMG_0313The front has these sweet sail boats which I got in Cape Cod.

I brought two other sweaters with me, the grey one came in handy since it was quite cool while I was there. Opening and restuffing plastic easter eggs and then transporting them was the main activity during those two weeks. You can never have too many easter eggs!


The hood came out quite well on this, I could have made it a bit deeper, but it stayed on his head without interfering with his line of sight.


And I brought another lighter one, from KnitPicks Felici sport.aIMG_0166All ready to go take that dump truck for a walk in the stroller! I am already plotting new ones for the fall, one with tractor buttons on it and another with dinosaurs.

Another favorite activity was reading.aIMG_0412First you dump ALL your books on the floor, then sit down (if you can find a spot) and as you read them (or get someone to read them for you), you place them into neat piles. And have the book fairy put them back on the shelves while you sleep so you can do it all over again the next day.

While in Cape Cod, we visited an acquaintance’s hobby farm, with goats! and sheep! This wee one followed us around.aIMG_0350This is the stud who fathered them all, sporting the ever popular bearded look. He was pretty stinky, which I imagine in the goat world only makes him even more attractive.aIMG_0364There were four sheep. They didn’t know what kind they were. Any ideas?aIMG_0359Here are a few more pics of Cape Cod (indulge me, I got a new camera!)aIMG_0146


On the home front, Frankie was suffering the sudden heat. At least he is smart enough to lie in front of the fan (this concept was beyond our previous dogs’ ability).a1IMG_0477And we have started dog-sitting a friend’s Australian shepherd on occasion. He is still pretty young, not yet 1 year, and just found out that he LOVES swimming (unlike Frankie who only does it grudgingly or if there are ducks to herd).a1IMG_0538And after getting good and wet, what’s better than rolling in a bed of dried pine needles? I don’t know why people don’t do it!aIMG_0523In crafty news, after ignoring it for a year and half, I finally finished spinning up some brown BFL that I had dyed with blue. I don’t recommend taking a hiatus like this, it’s not easy getting the right thickness or thinness. I think I am close and will alternate skeins when knitting.IMG_0565It turned out very nice and bouncy and I’m looking forward to knitting up a warm winter sweater (well maybe I’ll wait till the fall to start it since it will be 30 degrees Celsius tomorrow!)

I’ll leave you with a sweet little bag my mother embroidered when she was in grade 4, which I gave to my daughter a while back. It is about 78 years old and still in great shape.aIMG_0410Goes to show you what kids are capable of doing – besides virtually shooting virtual aliens in a virtual world, which will leave no trace of accomplishment.