This little piggy went to market…

From May till October, there is a farmer’s market in Wakefield every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. Fortunately you don’t have to be a farmer to participate. Kathryn doesn’t set up a tent every Saturday, but sometimes she does, like this past weekend. And of course I was more than happy to lend a helping hand. We get to sit and knit, chat, eat, shop and hopefully sell some yarn.29Her booth, freshly stocked.

Oodles of yarn!30And a few of my samples hanging from the rafters to entice people.31We always get enquiries about selling the samples, and have to disappoint people by telling them that they have to learn to knit, buy the yarn and then knit the thing themselves. I never ask what they would be willing to pay (don’t want to give them false hope) but I’m pretty sure it would be something like $60, at which point I would have to laugh and/or blow ice tea through my nose in shocked disbelief. We’ve also had people ask us if sell hand-knit socks, one woman said she bought a pair for $40. Lucky her, foolish knitter. At about 34,000 stitches for a pair of socks, I’d rather keep them for myself than hand them over for $40. So if I ever make you a pair of socks, I really, really like you.

I am, however,  planning to knit up silk shawls to sell, but those won’t be ready till next year (since I have to come up with the patterns, dye the silk and then knit the things myself) and they will be more than $60. I will soon have more time (and motivation) to do all this, but that will be another blog post.

It was a beautiful day, there was music and great food.36 Crêpes from Alska Farm (I always buy their maple syrup). They have one savory and one sweet and different ones each week. Mmmm. I had ham, cheddar and lemongrass on a kamut crêpe. They also had ice tea with a touch of maple syrup, which I luckily didn’t blow out my nose. And they are super nice people.34Another favourite vendor of mine is Water Willow Design:32I have jewelry, a glass bowl, a shoulder bag, yarn basket, eyeglass case, iPad case, camera case, clothes, and mittens from Mie who sews all this herself. She mostly works with felt and linen now, but still sells some glass jewelry. I didn’t realize I had this much stuff from her! But they are all being well used.

So if you are ever in the neighbourhood on a Saturday, stop by the market and pick up some fresh veggies, crêpes and maybe some yarn!

I’ll leave you with some market doggy cuteness (not Frankie) but Django (who we occasionally doggy-sit) and friend.37They are surely thinking “nummmm, crêpes”

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