Left a good job in the city…

Don’t worry, I am not going to channel Tina Turner singing Proud Mary, I wouldn’t torture you like that. Besides I’ve seen enough cover bands to never want to hear that song again (although I have just now unleashed its earworminess into my head). I actually HAVE left a good job in the city to join Kathryn here!!28aDoing this!!45To make this!!48Yes!! I am joining Kathryn in her yarn-dyeing business!! I will also write patterns for her yarn and knit silk shawls for sale. Which is a WAY better job. I just have three days left at the old one and then I will be right up to my elbows getting ready for the Twist Festival and filling orders. We have all this to get through, and more:50I am super excited and happy. This is the view from the studio:49And since Kathryn also uses it for creating her artwork, I also get to see things like these:51 (Love that cow)  and this:55I’ve got it pretty good, no more commuting, no more cubicles, no more sitting on my duff all day. Instead I get to create beautiful things that I can use for creating other beautiful things while hanging out with a really great friend. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

In knitting news, I knit two more Dotted Rays shawls. I don’t usually knit a pattern over and over but this one is so much fun when you play around with colours. I did one for my friend Mie (whose felted wares I featured in the last post):44

43She didn’t want any photos of her butt so I cropped the picture, but now  I made you look anyway. And another gradient one using Kathryn’s yarn in subtle shades of blue to brown:41Kathryn is also working on one in shades of purple and blue.

Well that is my big news story of the week. I’ll leave you with this bundle of cuteness, my sister’s new pooch, small now but he will grow to be a big boy, a Belgian Tervuren. Frankie will get to check out his cousin in August when they come for a visit.image1