Can one wear lobsters ironically?

I’ve gone mad knitting up kitschy crustacean hats! But will people just think I’ve lost my mind and now wear cutesy items and collect tchotchkes? or can I manage to it carry off ironically and be on the cutting edge of fashion? Hmmmm… What do you think?1

2Actually the only reason I knit these hats was to try out a new technique. Sort of combining double knitting with stranded knitting. This allows you to knit over a vast expanse of stitches without having to twist the yarns in behind (which always shows through). Behold the inside: 1Is that not a thing of orangey beauty?? You create extra stitches with the colour you want to carry behind the scene until its next appearance on the right side. It is like double knitting in that you purl that stitch (while knitting the other stitches). Here is what it looks like mid-knit:8This is still inside out but those orange stitches among the white ones are purled on the right side (the white ones are knit). When I no longer need them, I knit them together with a proper stitch from the hat and they disappear. It’s like magic! No colour peeking out between stitches. I can tackle any stranded project no matter how long the colour run. I didn’t come up with this method. I saw some discussion about it on Ravelry. Apparently Dale of Norway ready-knit sweaters use this method. However Susan Rainey sat down and figured it out and wrote a pattern/tutorial called It’s Not About the Hat. I just didn’t want to knit a fleur-de-lis since, living in Quebec, it would be like wearing a flag on my head so I went with a couple of free pot-holder patterns of lobsters and crabs. I don’t think shrimp will translate well onto a hat so will stop at crabs and lobsters. I highly recommend learning this method if you are into stranded knitting.

Last weekend was Wool Day at the Wakefield Market. The weather was fantastic and tons of people turned out. We had a stall there and friends came to knit and chat. (Notice my doubleknit cowls hanging from the top of the tent).4There was local wool also, local Icelandic wool (oxymoron?) I bought some plied stuff to make mittens.1And alpaca yarn and finished products from Willow Lane Alpacas (I already have their socks, boot liners and some yarn I have almost finished using for a sweater):2and the Wakefield Grannies selling felted, knitted and sewn items to help support South African grannies taking care of AIDS orphans:3Already looking forward to next year!

We’ve been working hard in the studio. We have to replenish our stock, Kathryn will be a  vendor at the the Ottawa Valley Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild, November 6-8 at the Glebe Community Centre. I will be at the Needlers’ Retreat in the Gananoque teaching double knitting and hawking our yarn there too. 7This time I will leave you with Henry, lounging on the couch in this cool weather.  If you dream of being spoiled and living the life of Riley, just die and come back reincarnated as one of our pets, you won’t be disappointed.5

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