Well, I’ll just dive right in. What’s wrong with this picture?2Hubby asked me to make him some fingerless gloves. I used a nice warm camel/merino blend from my stash. I knit them up in two days. I used The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns as a guide and threw in some cables for good measure. I compared them as I was knitting to make sure my cables were the same etc. I took a picture of them. So what’s wrong? Here’s a clue. There is no cabling on the palms. So if you happen to be blessed with two RIGHT HANDS, this “pair” of fingerless gloves is for you! I’m not ripping it out. I’m making two lefties. And some lucky recipient will be matchy matchy with the hubby.

I seem to be on a roll with this sort of thing. I made 6 cups of granola the other day, happy that I had all the ingredients at home. Thought the oatmeal flakes seemed a bit strange, but they were organic and big flakes so maybe they were supposed to be that way. Everything was all nice and toasted brown, took a handful and it was, let’s just say, really crunchy. Really, really crunchy, break-the-fillings-in-your-teeth crunchy. I dug the “oatmeal” bag out of the garbage, kamut. I used kamut flakes. Hubby is jawing his way through it anyway, hope he doesn’t break any teeth.

In other knitting news, although I have taken a break from knitting my Moraig sweater, I did want to show you my favourite technique, invisible stranding (actually I prefer the term invisible floats):6The beginning of the stranded section has about 11 stitches between them, so this technique has come in very handy indeed. Once I am finished my Xmas knitting (which I vowed I wasn’t going to do, but suckered myself into doing anyway) I’ll get back to it.

I also got myself a Gleener. Super soft wool is super comfy but it pills like nobody’s business. ┬áSo that really expensive sweater you slaved over ends up looking like a sale item from Walmart. I made this sweater a while ago, from Lorna’s Laces yarn and it was looking pretty sad.4After going at it with my handy-dandy Gleener (you get three different heads for various stages of pilliness), I ended up with this:5Much better! Plus I can make a clawless kitten out of that ball of fluff! So if you don’t wait as long as I did to depill your sweaters, they will always look nice and you can save up your fluff to stuff pillows, or make yourself a care-free pet.

I have finished my Xmas shopping (yay online shopping!), aside from the aforementioned knitting that still needs to be done. I even got myself a little something. My friend Maureen and her husband (potters) recently had an open-house and I got this lovely bowl:1I got some other stuff too but can’t show it.

It is grey and warmish (green Xmas?) which seems to make everyone a bit dozy. So I’ll leave you with Frankie hard at work napping while I head off to the studio to dye yarn (somebody has to work in this family!)9