Let me first wish everybody a Happy New Year! We finally have snow! I’m thinking of switching to the Orthodox Christmas, not just to take advantage of boxing day sales but to have a better chance for snow? Frankie is loving it, but this is what he looked like after a romp in deep snow:101He also grew a new pair – if you know what I mean. I’m sure he was very pleased with himself 🙂   But then they melted 😦

Sorry I have been AWOL for so long. I was pretty sick before and through Christmas. Lost my sense of taste. My cardamom pumpkin pie tasted like salt (?!) I had to get my son to taste my cooking and then sat down to enjoy a meal basically comprised of cardboard as far as I was concerned. I did however get some Christmas knitting done, after I swore I wasn’t going to do any Christmas knitting. Mostly small surprises, more fingerless gloves in our sport weight yarn, one for Kathryn and one for another studio friend:



I also knit up this pillowcase for my daughter in the now-discontinued Mission Falls superwash yarn. The pattern is Lyle Owl Pillow by Natalie Servant. A fun knit. I highly recommend her patterns, I have many more to knit up.109 (I’m not sure how I get almost everything I knit to match my wretched couch).

I used invisible floats again:110

I was planning on showing the stranded sweater that I was working on for myself but got side-lined with another project, a baby blanket for my daughter’s sister-in-law who had to give birth much sooner than planned. Everyone is fine. So I am furiously working away on another Sleepy Monkey Blanket (I’ve linked to the one I previously made for my grandson). Again using the invisible floats, through the monkey’s face where there are some very long bits of stranding. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I can’t recommend this method enough.107I also managed to finish some socks for hubby. This is from our new 8 ply sock yarn, such squishy goodness! The colourway was Kathryn’s first take on a request from La Maison Tricotée, grey with flecks of rust, turquoise and brown. Can’t wait to make myself a pair!106

I knit myself this shawl, Elbow River, by Heidi Kirrmaier. It is knit side-to-side and is not quite as simple as it looks. She always has nice little details that make for a better result with your knitting. I used our 3 ply sock yarn in Azulejo and some random reds we had lying about. I’ll have to wear to a Habs game!102This one is for Kathryn, fingering singles in Ghost, Petroleum, Graphite and Ice Blue.103Kathryn gave me this fantastic drawing of sheep! I like how the first one looks like a band member from KISS and the last one like a balaklava- wearing robber. And I guess the middle one is just not amused by it all?111We are back at work now, finishing up an order for La Maison Tricotée and starting on other ones. Kathryn will soon disappear behind that wall of worsted.104We have some plans for the new year, a website, a new yarn line – we hope, and new colours of course. I will let you know as soon as we are up and running!

In the meantime, I have to send off this sweater for my grandson’s birthday. The Teddy Sweater, a very easy knit and easily adjustable for size and other animals. And I have to get knitting for the new grandson on the way, in March. I will be abandoning Kathryn for a month then to go help out my daughter.108I’ll leave you with a bad selfie of me and Henry. Neither one of us understands what it means to actually look at the camera. Oh well, I guess we are too old for this sort of thing. 116

Hope the coming year is kind to you!

10 thoughts on “Snowballs?

  1. Happy New Year three crazy knitters.

    Even though I now live 11 hours away from Ottawa, on the shores of Lake Huron, I often think fondly of your retreat,skills and creativity. Aniko, you crack me up and really should consider standup. So glad you retired to follow your interests. I, like you, am flowering in retirement…so glad to be have my soul-sucking career behind me…behind me Satin. Have hooked up with 2 separate knitting circles and an awesome group of women.

    You three are the best. Any idea when the 2016 retreat will be? I hav not returned to Ottawa since It have moved, but maybe your retreat will change this.

    All the best way in 2016.

    Mary Curran

    • Hi Mary! So nice to hear from you! I hear you about “retirement” although I’ve never worked this hard in my life, haha, AND LOVING IT (in the words of Maxwell Smart).

      We’ve decided to end the retreat, sorry about that. Even though it was just once a year, we sort of burned out. I’m so glad you hooked up with knitters in your neck of the woods. It’s like this (not so) secret society we have, like people who speak Esperanto, only more useful, and probably nicer.

      If you do ever come this way, let us know! Hugs, Aniko (aka Julie)

      • Ahi Julie: Just as funny as ever! Knitting does transcend borders doesn’t it?…age, ethnicity, sex, just about everything except animal pedigree.

        Your retreat was fabulous but can totally understand you. Will drop by the Wakefield market if I’m in your neck of the woods. Hi to the other awesome knitters.

        A group of seven of us here are up to our 3rd annual retreat, but we keep it the same 7 people and go to a ‘cabin’ on Georgian Bay which belongs to one of the knitters’ brother.s. So costs us about $15 a night and we eat and cook in except from r like nch. We have no instructors, stay for 5 days and combine it with hiking and yarn crawls, and scenic tours to take advantage of the fall colours. This year we toured Koigu…if you weren’t so far way we would tour your studio! One of the Sarnia knitters bought some yarn from Crazy Dog Knits(???) which is in Ottawa and has an Etsy shop….made me think of you… Do you and Kathyrn have an Etsy shop?

        Still remember your daughters cookies!

        Hugs, Mary

  2. Hi Aniko (Julie): I love your take on Kathryn’s sheep painting!! And of course, all the fabulous knit projects — the scarf for Kathryn is stunning. It will be fascinating to see where you and Kathryn land by the end of 2016. I wouldn’t be surprised if a European tour was in the making…among other things…. Warm hugs — Mary Lou

  3. The sheep look fine! Must be Shetlands. They look like mine do when in need of shearing! Keep up the great work and constant effort ladies!

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