A short round-up

Well, I am off to Cape Cod soon, to wait out the birth of my next grandson and help out over the next month once he’s arrived. I finished up some more baby things and a toy for grandson number one. I must say that I am all baby-knitted-out for the moment. Fiddly little things tire me out.

I knit this Baby Falling Leaves blanket from some machine washable cotton/acrylic. I like the end result but the knitting wasn’t very enjoyable since I only had written directions and I much prefer charts. It says there are charts but I didn’t receive any in my pdf download and only discovered this alleged fact, after the fact, so to speak.IMG_1857(And a gratuitous Frankie shot!)

I whipped up another little blanket and this dinosaur toy. The blanket is a free Knitty pattern from 2008, OpArt. I think this is the third time I’ve made it. Easy-peasy, good TV knitting. The toy is made with Knitpicks Swish and it already looks worn. It pills if you look at it too sternly, it pills if you sneeze. I embroidered little blue dots where the stuffing shows through the knitting (knit front and back into one stitch + short row = little hole) and then threw in a few random dots to hide the fact that I was hiding holes. I can still outsmart a 3 year old. I am, however, so sick of knitting short rows in the round that it will take some time before I make another one in a better-wearing yarn.IMG_1945

All this means that I am abandoning Kathryn. I feel guilty. I feel guilty for leaving but I also feel guilty for not being able to help out with my grandkid(s) more. I think we’ll just have to form a yarn-dyeing-grandkid-daycare commune in the Eastern Townships.

So, speaking of yarn! We have so many beautiful new colours and lots of ideas for more. If you haven’t seen the pictures on Instagram, here are a few (some new and some old):5CD3D06A-B79C-403F-8325-40955A207C18

(Hell’s Kitchen, Wicked and Little Burgundy – all new)



(Goa, Blueberry Pie, Amethyst and Sailor). Of course my pictures don’t capture the depth of the colours, so you’ll just have come see for yourself! Or check out the etsy shop, better pictures there.


(And a few more oldies, Vandyke, Hot Bricks and Spring Day)

We are still working on knitting up little triangles to make a banner. Here is a pile of skeins and yarn drying, they are just so pretty! We’ve also been doing lots of speckled yarn and have ideas for new colours.3E7401B1-ECBE-454F-A42C-C1119025318FI’ve started yet another sweater in one of the new colours. The colour is Dusk, a lavender/taupe mix, and I am making Serenity (which would have been a good name for the colour too!) I am also knitting a chevron scarf from Tangerine and Amethyst. Kathryn is making herself a sweater with our DK yarn dyed in Storm, the pattern is called Laurie.F836121A-D01A-456A-B6F3-E4E0205A4E17We are so excited about having lots of new offerings this year! I’ll be taking some of my projects down with me to Cape Cod in the delusional belief that maybe I can get a bit of knitting done, hahahahaha.

Even though it is March (and I know it is technically still “winter”) all this snow somehow feels so wrong. The dogs, however, are having a ball:IMG_1905

And after much frolicking… a much needed nap.IMG_1907