Life’s mysteries and then some knitting…

You might already know that my daughter had another baby (sporting the OpArt blanket).


You might think from my title that I will wax on about the miracle of birth, life, babies, etc… Actually the greatest mystery to me is the mind of a young child.

I’ve been down in Cape Cod for a month helping out, here is my to-do list, including such things as “watch Dinotrux” (grandson’s suggestion), “express anal gland” (of dog, and politely declined on my part), “no knitting” (ha! nice try), and “potty training.”IMG_1958

We’re sprinting to the finish in toilet training (please do not tell me how your child was trained by the age of 16 months). Things are going well, but what is it with pooping??? Why the resistance? (I know there are probably thousands of studies on this, thank you Dr. Freud). Why does he deny doing it in his pants? Or after you have just finished cleaning him up, defiantly say, “see, no poop”, implying you are an idiot. Or when you ask if he just farted (a harbinger if ever there was one), replies “the farting has stopped,” like some public service announcement. Why does he say, “I not pooping” with his obvious poop face on, and then 30 seconds later say, “I pooped”. Even when a toy he has been coveting is hung on the wall opposite his potty, and he is excited about the fact that if he poops in the toilet/potty, it will be his, and as he is lovingly gazing at it, imagining all the fun he will have with that toy when he poops in the potty, he poops his pants. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY????

So I got my daughter these:

shitshow(More hilarious items can be found here).

He knows the alphabet, a dozen dinosaur names, he can count to 20 (well, sort of, if 18 actually came after 13), he can follow Lego instructions, he understands what the word “transparent” means and shows you all the time, except when it comes to the WORKING OF HIS MIND.

I have no memory of how I toilet trained my kids, an indication perhaps of how traumatic the process was? I just have some old grainy pictures of a cousin or two sitting on the potty while tied to their cribs. I’m sure this method would be frowned upon today, if not actually being an indictable offence, but it is starting to look pretty freaking brilliant to me.

Now on to knitting! Despite having “no knitting” on my so-called to-do list, I did get some in. I bought this little sweater second-hand for grandson #1 some years ago. The bottom of the sweater was once also just white, but something got to it and chewed it up. So I ordered some navy and white worsted weight cotton, cut off the bottom and knit a stripy finish.


And with the leftover yarn, knit this little sweater:a5

I also managed to work a bit on my “Serenity”, in the colourway Dusk. I am determined to finish at least another three projects showcasing our yarn, so there is knitting monogamy in my future.


And lastly, a fun acquisition:


Because you can never have too many knitting-related kitschy items!


3 thoughts on “Life’s mysteries and then some knitting…

  1. Ok,I have just officially stopped laughing along with you on the toilet training wonders, read it out loud to Bob who is bent over numbers doing the farm taxes, he needed some light relief too!

    • Glad I could help! Argh, taxes, yes, must do them soon, even if wiping a poopy butt actually seems preferable.

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