FOs and WIPs

I have been working hard at my knitting. I am a knitter possessed. I have been wanting to knit up certain colours for such a long time. It’s almost all I’ve been doing. Thank god for audio books (at the moment, Annie Proulx’s Accordion Crimes). So let’s start with some FOs (warning, this is a picture-heavy post!)

This shawl is Uncia by Lucy Hague. I couldn’t put this one down, it took me 6 days to complete. Although the yarn is somewhat variegated, it turned out well enough to see the beautiful cabled details.


Here is a detail shot.IMG_1819

Lucy Hague has other gorgeous cabled shawls, I plan on making this one  too, maybe in Verdigris:


I have already started another Uncia in a solid pale blue/periwinkle yak yarn I have, which will end up more scarf/shawlette sized. I also knit up Gavrinis from Natalie Servant, a retreat knitting friend of mine. She has many fabulous designs, many of which are in my queue but this one became a bit of an obsession. I used undersized skeins of singles fingering, in Petalite and Graphite on the bottom (btw, I always use the Russian join for my shawls – even with singles, especially with silk – instructions here).IMG_1848

I liked this design so much, I started another one, this time a rectangle, but which I then joined after about 14″ so it will be a shawl/poncho. My initial enthusiasm took a hit when I discovered this:


I didn’t quite catch all the stitches in a knit 3 together. Rip! But then I was well on my way.IMG_2658

Isn’t it a beautiful design? At this point I began knitting across the two sides, I just have 2 pattern repeats to go, so about 100 rows. I’ll block it again before casting off to see if it is the size I want. I know I will wear this a lot. I’m using singles fingering again, in Ghost, a very pale grey.

This hat is knit in our DK and is a free pattern from Joji. I added extra rows between the decrease rows in the crown. This is currently one of my favourite colour combos, Spring Fling, Teal and Chartreuse.IMG_2559


They look fabulous together!

Now on to WIPs, so many… I am working on two more shawls (I will post pictures when I am further along), and three sweaters, and a shrug for my daughter (there are more but I don’t want to seem completely ridiculous). In my defence, although most of these are for me, they are also “samples” for festivals and shows, really they are. IMG_2683

This one is Antler, I just used the neck part from  the pattern and then added stripes and a textured pattern and am knitting it a bit A-line. I love our colour Little Burgundy, but burgundy as a colour makes my skin look jaundiced, so I decided to start with Mushroom (in MCN, a test skein) and the rest is in our 8 ply supersock. I think I might live in this sweater after the summer, although a close runner up will Breathing Space:IMG_2682The main body is in Sailor and the stripes are a mix of Indigo and Denim (using up odd skeins again). I just finished all the short rows and now I’ll just be knitting round and round. Good TV knitting. I realize I have to start getting rid of some of my clothes, a  lot of my clothes, since I keep adding to my wardrobe. I expect at some point everything I own will be hand-knit. Well, maybe I’ll stop at underwear. Maybe.

I also started a side-to-side shrug for my daughter in Cobalt & Rust. I am using a broken seed stitch pattern to help mix up the variegated colours a bit more.IMG_2654

This colourway has a lot of turquoise in it. Turquoise often crocks, in that it comes off on your fingers:


But I soaked my knitting thus far in some Eucalan (soap for knits that you don’t need to rinse out). The water was slightly coloured, but hardly at all, and certainly not enough for the dye to run into other colours.


We have been working hard in the studio, even in 30+ degrees celsius weather, and have all kinds of new colours we want to try out. We also now have minis, when you want to add a stripe of colour but don’t want to buy a whole skein.IMG_2539

We have lots more colours to skein up for these.

This is another recent favourite, Dark Chocolate and Trail.


In between dyeing and knitting, we often do our local Saturday market. Our tent is a riot of colour and knitted objects.IMG_1820


Our friend Mie has sent us a new shipment of knitting bags all the way from Japan. We will have them for sale at Twist Festival. I might have to buy myself another one, haha. It’s hard keeping my hands of the merchandise!

Well, I’m off to work on my Gavrinis poncho and to keep an eye on this guy:IMG_1881

He was very well behaved, no ducks were harmed in the making of this picture. He only wants to herd them, not to eat them, and he has finally given up on the notion all together.