TWIST! and am I bat-shit crazy?

Twist Festival is this weekend!! We are bringing loads and loads of yarn and we have a new label, with a logo and everything. This is not all of it….


New label! (there is a pale stockinette pattern on the background)


Piles of samples!


I finished my sweater! I’m loving it so much, I won’t even mind when the weather cools.


Now for the bat-shit crazy part:  the pile of stuff I have to finish. Three sweaters (all for me BTW, cause I’m selfish like that).

Ambergris, love the whale tails.


These you have seen already, I’ve been distracted…

Three shawls, samples and/or for me/ who knows…




Two more shawls and a scarf, samples and/or for me, depending how greedy I’m feeling.

Socks, definitely for me and/or sample, depending how dirty I get them (in new colour Oxidized – darker than photo).


Shrug for my daughter (in perennial favourite Cobalt&Rust) – I do knit 1 out of 100 for someone else.


I did finish this hat and cowl set, with one skein of worsted singles in Sand and the stripes are sock yarn held double. Pattern is Windschief.  It is a sample! So, maybe 2 out of 100 are not for MOI.


These are just the WIPs from our own yarn. You have NO idea how many I have with other yarns (because I am a tad promiscuous in my love of yarn). I will get these done, this fall, by the end of the fall, for sure, I swear. Then I have family obligation knitting, grandkids – fast, yay!, son – not so fast 😦   and a vest for hubby if I recover in time from not-so-fast-son knitting.

Anyway, come to Twist and check out our yarns and samples. I hear there might be a few other vendors 😉  Don’t miss this cornucopia of yarn! Loads of new colours!


But if you miss it, we will be in Almonte at the Mississippi Mills Fibrefest 10-11 September. However, after Twist and before Almonte, I’m heading down south to see my munchkins. This little guy says, “See you later”.



3 thoughts on “TWIST! and am I bat-shit crazy?

  1. Oh my, that’s a lot of WIPs! I’m not judging, I’m in awe 😀 I’m one of those weird knitters who only seems to enjoy one project at a time… As for selfish knitting, can’t we just call it knitting? We’re also knit-worthy, after all.

    Those skeins are gorgeous! That yellow and the violet look lush 😊

    • Haha, we knitters seem to fall into two camps. I have TV knitting, concentration knitting, travel knitting, etc. I find for me, mixing it up helps keep the tendonitis away as long as the projects are different, thin yarn, thick yarn, cables, colourwork etc. But at some point I do dedicate myself to the finish.

      • I like all the knitting categories! 😀 I just can’t bring myself to have a lot of projects at once, I don’t know why… I think the most I’ve had is two.
        Keeping it different to avoid tendinitis sounds like a great idea! I never though about that. I have some elbow issues so I’ll keep that in mind.
        Happy knitting (and happy finishing of the projects) 😊

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