Ba-a-a-a-d blogger (in your best sheep voice)

I could self-flagellate (preferably with some squishy yarn!) for not blogging often enough, yes, I am a bad blogger, but enough of that and let’s just dive right in instead.

Busy days! I was in Cape Cod for this little guy’s first birthday:

And why yes, I did knit those sweaters for him. The first one is Berroco Comfort sock held double, one red, one blue. I used a free Tin Can Knits pattern called Harvest, but decided to make a wrap front with ties. The other sweater is also Berroco sock (the red) and Berroco Comfort Baby (which I think is discontinued) and some gansey patterns from a Knitting Traditions magazine. I knit it bottom-up. See the little eyelets? those were buttonholes. I did them on both sides because I wasn’t sure which side to put the buttons. Turns out I needed to put the buttons about 1.5 inches further out from the button band, haha. (How can a 1 year old have a beer gut?) Now those buttonholes are a design feature. I always bring extra yarn for adjustments. I also finally got to give him the double-knit blanket:


It turned out to be a perfect match for his birthday cake decoration:


I really enjoyed knitting this double-knit blanket. I kind of winged it, not too much planning, used mostly free pot holder charts but charted out the waves myself. I used Berroco Comfort DK (see a theme emerging? – machine wash and dry).

Speaking of machine wash and dry. Grandson #2 did end up with yet another sweater. Not meant for him.


This WAS Grandson #1’s sweater. Beige cotton and olive bamboo and cotton. Or so I thought. Until I washed it. And the olive felted. Completely. Olive was bamboo and wool. Not at all washable. So read your labels well. And remember what they say.

This was a Rowan pattern. I really like the look, but it is all knit in pieces and seamed and the button band is seamed and it was a lot of seaming for a little sweater, that shrank. So I will knit another, in 100% cotton, and do it top-down. The sleeves could have been a bit wider and longer anyway. Sigh.

This one turned out great though:


Enough room to grow. I made up the anchor on the front and it washes and dries up like a dream, in a machine.

As soon as I got back, we had a knit night at the Fluevog store in Ottawa. Great fun! Great turnout. Forgot to take pictures, too busy. We had minis to hand out in our special Vog On colourway, and I knit some socks to wear for the occasion. I am totally in love with afterthought heels. That is where hubby wears out all his socks. This way, I can unravel and knit a new heel (with reinforcing wool/nylon thread). I added some increases before the heel placement and then decreased after for a bit more gusset room (thick feet? high arches?)


It was mayhem about 10 min after I took that picture and people starting showing up. We had free coffee, tea, and cookies. Knitting happening, yarn shopping happened and shoe buying happened (cough, cough – it was almost my birthday).


Eventually I finished another Find Your Fade, for Kathryn. Similar to mine but she went with a brighter beginning and slightly different ends. What can I say. We have similar taste. We get along. It’s a good thing.


I also knit up Dipping Edge from Knit’n Rain Designs.


I used Spring Fling and Verdigris. I switched back to Spring Fling in the lace sections (not in the pattern) and really like the effect. It is a fun and quick pattern and all the short row counts are bang on!

I am also working on another Natalie Servant design, Cormier Grille Shawl. I love the pattern. It is completely reversible (great when you are knitting for a non-knitter because they always have the wrong side of the shawl showing). I am knitting this in our MCN lace, Ballet colourway (the little rust flecks don’t show very well in this picture), as a sample. I think I will have to knit another one though for myself.


I also decided to knit up minis that had knots or came up short weight-wise into one loooooong tube, increasing and decreasing, so people can see how the different colourways knit up, as socks anyway. This will be good mindless knitting at shows and fairs, appointments, Netflix subtitled movies, etc.


AND, because I don’t have enough WIPs and project bags, I have a new WIP and project bag!


I couldn’t resist this project bag from Mrs. Browns Bags on Etsy (she is one half of the Grocery Girls podcast). The bags go pretty quickly so I was lucky to nab one for myself. And I had dyed up a pile of Chartreuse 8 ply supersock to knit a retro cardi. I chose Escape from Kim Hargreaves. I’m pretty sure there are piles of errors in the ribbing section but I am too exhausted from casting on and frogging and reknitting the back (until I abandoned it for the front  – easier to figure out where the errors are) to list them all. Once you get past that point, it is easy sailing.

I’ll leave you with a shot of Shelma who goes back home this Easter weekend. We had so much snow this winter that even she (who seems to have flippers rather than legs) was able to hop over the fence to raid the cat food for the feral cats (we had them fixed), which made her into a very farty dog indeed.