Rookie mistake

I knit a lot. I’m pretty confident in my knitting abilities, but knitting has a way of keeping you humble. Especially when you are an ADHD knitter like I am, jumping from project to project only to realize that you have partial projects that you started 2, 3, 5 years ago. And when you go back to them, you have to figure out what the hell you were doing in the first place. I recently had to rip back 10″ on Water and Stone for my daughter. I had split for the sleeves and knit 7″ down the body and now I’m at the shoulders again. I think I started it 2 years ago (?!) I am using Berroco Weekend DK (well I know that now). (And I am not using our own yarn because I know this will end up in the dryer, ask me how I know that).  I picked it up the other day and knit away. When I added a new ball, the weight of the yarn seemed different. I checked my bag of yarn. Oh no! I had a mix of Berroco Weekend (worsted) and Weekend DK. I was knitting with the worsted and didn’t have enough. I must of have mixed them when I bought them, I thought. I did not want to rip back the whole sweater and knit in the DK (of which I have more) so ordered more worsted online. Next morning I look at the sweater. ARGH! I started in DK, at some point switched to worsted without realizing what I had done. Picked it up 2 years later and merrily knit on in worsted. There is enough DK for the sweater (the worsted, turns out was for something else I had in mind in exactly the same FREAKING COLOUR). So I have 5 skeins of worsted on its way which I don’t need (more sweaters for the grandkids) and I had to rip back to where I switched to the worsted. I must say, Berroco sure has consistent dye colours! Not only was it a different dye lot but a different weight and you couldn’t even tell. Dk on the left, worsted in the hank on the right. The knitting gods have punished me for leaving this WIP so long. The other lesson in this, don’t order yarn in a panic. Sleep on it. The next morning might show you something different, especially when your foggy brain starts remembering back to 2 years ago…33873552_UnknownOtherwise it has been a full summer. Grandkids visiting, fibrefests, lots of knitting samples – which I also mostly wear 😉 and a new mystery brioche shawl KAL from Andrea Mowry.

First up, I finished this cardigan/shrug in our DK, colour Tomato, 4 skeins. The pattern is Callas, from Bristol Ivy.

It was a quick knit and will be a great transition piece. Perfect right now over a t-shirt or tank and in cooler weather over a long sleeve t-shirt.

Then this beauty from Natalie Volyanyuk called Arrows DownbluesweaterI used a new yarn we have, MCN Twist. It is a merino/cashmere/nylon blend with a high twist that makes it quite bouncy and helps keep it from growing too much once washed. It is super squishy and quite soft. One of my favourites! The pattern is stunning (and knit top-down). I highly recommend it.

Next, Reverb. A pattern I bought ages ago, knit up for a friend and only just made one for myself. The yarn is a new worsted/Aran weight we have. Super bouncy and soft. Winter will be made tolerable with this baby on my back. The colourway is a special one we created for La Maison Tricotée‘s 4th anniversary.IMG_5546And finally (although I’m probably forgetting something), a new shawl pattern by Jenny F aka SweaterFreak, which will be released next week, called Carmel Pine. 33610976_UnknownI knit it slightly different since I didn’t have 2 skeins of the grey (Salt&Pepper) so just used one of that one Barn. I mixed my bases, 3 ply sock yarn and singles fingering. You can’t even tell, so don’t be afraid to do that, as long as the weight is the same, a few yards difference in the bases makes no difference at all.

Now that the samples are pretty well done for this season, I’m knitting for the grandkids. IMG_5593This is actually intarsia. If you know me, you know my visceral hatred for intarsia. But I sucked it up and did it. There were going to be 5 maple leaves, but after these two I decided that was enough. Two on the front and two on the back. I think people will get the idea. Five would just be overkill. Believe me. Plus this way I won’t end up poking out my eyes with a knitting needle. Ten maple leaves would be the end of me. I found a free chart on Ravelry (cause I’m too lazy to make one) and the rest is made up. This one is for the the 4 year old. The smaller munchkin will get one leaf on the front and back. That is plenty for a small child, don’t you agree?

Now the mystery KAL. If you are participating in What the Fade and don’t want to see what the end of clue 2 looks like, stop right here. Otherwise, behold!

This was my colour choice (I actually have a ton of things these colours go with, chartreuse is a neutral in my wardrobe!)IMG_5429And here we are so far:IMG_5624I have never done brioche before, and I love it! It is a pain in the %$& if you make a mistake (and I did, a few times) but there is a rhythm and a logic to it, so once you get the hang of it you always know what you are doing. I have a bunch more projects lined up using this technique. It’s also a good stash buster; you use up more yarn with it and get to combine those dozens of skeins of different coloured sock yarn you have. I know you all have dozens, if not hundreds of these, so stop judging me.

Lastly, here is a pic of the newest member of our indoor menagerie (we have an outdoor one too – 4 feral cats – spayed/neutered and living the life of Riley in there insulated cat houses). This is Eddie who was abandoned (?) obviously not feral, was starving and the most affection dog-like cat we have ever had. So we let him in. And he seems to like it and is obviously better at yoga than I am.


Frankie doesn’t seem too bothered by him.


If you are in the Ottawa area, we will have another knit-night at the Fluevog store on 19 October and will be at the Ottawa knitting guild on 23 October. And check us out on Instagram, we try to post almost every day, get your daily dose of yarn love.