Are we there yet?

Well Kathryn did send me her pictures of our little road trip, so I will continue the narrative…

We stayed with Maureen’s sister and her hubby (lovely and gracious hosts) at Rideau Ferry. Me and Maureen enjoying the view:

Although I already posted some pics of Windblest Farm, here are a few more. You can never have too many pictures of sheep, can you? or adorable farm dogs?

(we were seriously connecting)

(sheepy goodness)

And now for something completely different…

We visited an “antique” store outside of Perth. I am using quotations marks for a reason, unlike the postings on Unnecessary Quotation Marks,┬áplenty of irony intended here.

Can you spot me and Maureen? That hallway was so tight I wasn’t sure I could make it out the other end, so I did a u-ie but, really, almost had to just back out.

Bottles and jars! You want bottles and jars?

Or silver and glass and china and other stuff in plastic bags… Don’t eat that second slice of cake, cause you will never fit through that hallway. And maybe don’t grow higher than 5’8″, otherwise you might brain yourself on some silver or glass or china or other stuff in plastic bags hanging from the ceiling!

Howsabout rusted metal? Plenty of that!

There is a door in that “entrance”. (See above for explanation on usage of quotation marks).

Maybe I’ve been wrong about the whole thing. Maybe this is really an art installation. Or an “art” installation?