It’s been a while…

Are we still friends? As I’ve mentioned in the past, I am both busy and lazy, and I guess blogging fell into the lazy category. I will try to do better. We are well into 2018 and I have a lot of ground to cover!

First of all, I did finish my What the Fade! It’s a great size, large enough to replace a sweater. I think I might add the tassels after all. My love affair with chartreuse will NEVER end.


I was down visiting the grandkids again in November. There were actually some sunny days and beach visiting (but no swimming!) I made my little guys some Canada sweaters since they have recently acquired Canadian citizenship! I used Berroco Comfort DK, soft, washes and dries nicely. I’m stockpiling for future sweaters.

The maple leaf was a free chart on Ravelry and I winged the rest, loosely basing my numbers on oversized kid sweaters from various Rowan books I have. I also made flip top mittens for the oldest little guy, with magnet snaps (like you use on purses). He wore them for a week straight, inside and out, explained the magic of the flip tops to anyone who would listen.

I also made him a skull & bones sweater for his birthday:


I’m always trying to get around the whole intarsia thing. Hate it. The problem is most of the intarsia (well all of the intarsia) I do is with acrylic blends because it’s for the grandkids (although I’m sure I could find an adult who wants a skull & bones sweater). This time, instead of the invisible floats like I used on their robot sweaters, I tried carrying the yarns through the whole design. This way it’s like stranded knitting. However, it turned out quite textured with the acrylic. Wool is more forgiving, bouncier, better to manipulate. I think it looks fine but I won’t do it again. I think if it had been wool, it might have turned out better (well until it got thrown into the washer and dryer!).

Anyway, he also saw his mom putting on some socks I had knit for her. He asked if they were knitted socks (technically all socks are knitted, but we know what he means), and said he wanted some too! A 5 year old wants hand-knit socks! I can do that in, like, a day! So I sent these off for his birthday.


Those are spiders, by the way. Thought I’d do something fun instead of plain old socks. He will be getting more. The pirate sweater and socks were sent off in two different packages and when he got the sweater, but no socks, he was heartbroken. Until a few days later when they arrived. This kid has many knit socks in his future. I will send them to him randomly in the mail.

Remember my disastrous two-different-weights sweater? I finished it and delivered it.

z3 (2)

Nice and long and roomy. By the way, my daughter got a really nice haircut the day after this pic, so will probably want to kill me now.

While in Cape Cod, I started knit up a secret Xmas present for hubby.

IMG-6325 The hat is North Road Hat. I used odds and ends of Jamieson & Smith, Rowan, Palette etc. AND I lined it with qiviut/angora yarn, the whole enchilada! from top to bottom. It’s like wearing a baby’s bottom on your head, if you could do such a thing. And of course, whenever I am knitting something for someone else, something for me creeps in (my normal ratio is 1 for you, 3 for me, but I’m flexible). This time it was Sunset Highway, a very popular pattern on Ravelry.


I used a mix of 3 ply sock, and supersock in Sailor, Mineral, Graphite and Blue Note. I changed the sleeves – not so baggy, and I didn’t like the big stripe midway across the sleeves in the original so added some patterning at the end.

While in Cape Cod, I also signed up for Kate Davies’ latest club of patterns and new yarn Milarrochy Tweed (like half an hour before we lost the internet connection, so it was truly meant to be). The yarn is a gorgeous mohair/wool blend with flecks of colour. I am about to start a project in this yarn but started one of the first patterns in a mixture of Knitpicks Palette.


This will be an oversized sweater, not unlike a swancho, but NOT a swancho. It is called Strathendrick and can be found here. All the patterns so far have been absolutely fantastic (there are 12, coming once a week on Wednesdays), 4 from the new yarn, 4 using her other sport weight yarn and 4 from a lace yarn. Totally worth it. However, I got sidetracked from my swancho-which-is-not-a-swancho because I joined the Comfort Fade Cardi bandwagon to knit one for my sis. (Photo is me and not my sis since she hasn’t received it, hopefully she will look less pained than me – maybe it was the weather).


It really has a lovely large collar. My beef with most cardigans with collars is that the collar is never large enough, this one is! After this cardigan, I managed to bang out a pullover for myself in 5 days! Ha, yes, 5 days! The gauge was 14 stitches to 4″ so it was a fast knit. I actually used my own handspun yarn, from years ago, which was meant for another sweater that never happened. z7

This is another Kate Davies pattern (my Year of Living Daviesly!) called Carbeth. The yarn is 50% merino/50% tencel (fake silk?) and actually has a sheen that makes it look oddly oily. It is super soft and surprisingly light. The original pattern is a crop top, but at this point most of my pants are on the lowish side (not exactly hip-huggers, which also means high-wasted pants must be in fashion, right?) so I decided to make it a tunic and to use almost every last drop of my handspun yarn.

Going back in time a bit, to Xmas, Kathryn gave me some Finnish yarn, Tuku. This a more rustic yarn and I absolutely loved it. So while I was supposed to be knitting this for hubby (in Naturally Pride – merino):   z5

(which I obviously did finish) I also knit these for myself:


well the mittens… (the hat and cowl came a bit later because I HAVE to have matching accessories). The mittens are actually a free pattern! The cowl is Dragoste by Ysolda in some squishy Sincere Sheep Cormo I bought a few years ago and the hat is Kate Davies’ Neep Heid in the leftover Tuku and Drops Alpaca.

We are back at work now in the studio, and if you follow us on instagram, you can see what we are up too. We have a new colour, Corrosion and we also made a Quintet set based on it, called Foundry. In the picture below on the left, Corrosion is on a backdrop of Copper & Zinc.

I’ve knit up a cowl with Corrosion and two Copper & Zinc minis and will post the pattern soon.

We are working on some other new colours, so stayed tuned!

I actually have more projects to show so will blog again soon. Really. I’m serious this time. Plus I have to post the pattern. So I’ll leave you with Frankie. He will never need a sweater.                                  unnamed (2)