Green! For Canada Day(?!)

I had to share my 1.25 day sweater! Yes, it is green. And it is Canada Day. But if you were colour blind you might think it was red.

At least my pants are red, sort of. This was a moronically easy pattern from the latest issue of Knit.Wear.  It only used 3 skeins of allhemp6, which is a bargain, and even better, I got mine from someone on Ravelry ages ago for $17. All three for $17! For some mysterious reason, the magazine seems to show this (and another pattern made from hemp) pre-washed. It looks crunchy. Which it is until you wash it and throw it in the dryer. Then it is heavenly, soft with great drape. And yes, I knit it in about 1.25 days. Started late Friday afternoon and by 10 pm Saturday had it finished, washed and dried! Big needles helped!

Another project I am soooo glad to have finished was my sister’s birthday sweater. Only about a month and half late. Oops. It almost defeated me. I love the look, but hated the process. I used Japanese cotton tape lace weight yarn to knit what was supposed to be Gisela from Cocoknits. But… apparently my gauge was off (fronts turned out too narrow), I knit it in one piece and the itty bit of seaming I had to do was awful, like seaming a fishnet stocking. I had to add to the front, after 3 different attempts finally figured out the best way to do it. I still have to tuck in the ends and sew them down because they will wiggle their way out for sure, the evil buggers. It is beautiful, but painful.

I am still waiting for Kathryn to send me good photos of our road trip but I will post a bit about it. We first stopped in at Just Knitting where Kelly has just started to carry Kathryn’s yarn. It is a fantastic little store, lots of beautiful yarn and Kelly is super nice and knowledgeable.

Here are buckets of Kathryn’s yarn in Kelly’s store. I took a craptastic picture of Kelly in the store, completely fuzzy. I don’t know what happened, combination of not wearing my glasses and the bends from lack of coffee? small earthquake? How can an automatic camera take such a bad picture? I’ve included it for comic effect. Kelly was smiling. Sorry Kelly!

(And yes those are very fuzzy Jordana Paige Namaste bags! Apparently my memory was fuzzy too, yes Jordana Paige not Namaste.)

I did purchase some Euroflax Merlin and beautiful glass buttons, thinking of making a top-down tee… and a skein of Fiddlesticks lace (on sale!) for a brioche leaf lace shawl.

Kelly then directed us to Windblest Farm, 1821 Ferguson Falls Road, Ferguson Falls. They have border and bluefaced leicester sheep and sell yarn and fleeces. Beautiful place and lovely owner. We were greeted by her border collie (can’t remember the name – maybe Seamus?)

This is the store and the sheep are right next door!

And here are Kathryn and Maureen in deep conversation with Janice, the owner:

Some beautiful bluefaced leicester fleece (with an orangey sweater poking out at the side knit from her beautiful heathered yarn):

I purchased 3 skeins of DK/worsted weight leicester yarn, 245 m each, soft and with a great sheen. And  400 gm of leicester roving to spin (which should spin up into a gorgeous heathered yarn). I love leicester, the wool is hard wearing and has a beautiful sheen to it, the roving is a pleasure to spin.

Janice has sweaters knit up to show her yarn and lots of hats, many of her own design.

I will leave you with some more sheepy goodness and continue posting about our road trip when I get Kathryn’s pictures (hint, hint, Kathryn).